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If you do a web search for the Rolex Daytona and you look at a close up picture of it side by side with the Invicta Speedway you may find as I that the Invicta looks every bit as nice and some may even think better.The 100 Superlative Rolex watches undoubtedly is one of the best Rolex reference books available on the market. The layout and pictures are simply awesome.High quality work, very close in look/feel/weight to a R*lex. We'll have to see how the gold plating wears over time, but other than that, it's a great watch.I love this watch, it looks amazing. It loses about 1 minute every week wearing it about 16 hours a day. The glow in the dark feature is good.Beautiful watch, very heavy and expensive feeling. Looks really nice on my wrist and goes with a variety of dress styles.This is a great watch for the money. Looks, style, and accuracy make it an exquisite timepiece at a very affordable price.In case you haven't noticed this watch looks like a Rolex. I don't have the funds to buy a real Rolex but I appreciate a good automatic watch that sometimes gets mistaken for Rolex.I have received more compliments on this watch than any other I own. I keeps time well and looks wonderful. Buy this watch and you will be happy.I'm a huge fan of invicta watches, a proud owner of 7 invicta watches up to now .. simply perfect! the size of the dial is perfect! a good choice for a daily use watch! High quality Replica watches

Quality Replica Watches

It looks great and so far is keeping time to within one second of Internet time per day. My model did come with a screw down crown which others reported not getting on the watch they received. So far, really good.Gorgeous face,and solid feel. Excellent buy. Looks and feels like my Rolex Submariner except I don't have to wind it!It's ridiculous if I think that a Rolex cost 50 times more. This watch is amazing for its price. You cannot find something else similar for less than 400$ in a watch store.I like the Invicta Men's Pro Diver Collection of Automatic Watches. I have several color combinations and I love them all. I only wish they would come in either 45 or 47mm sizes. You can't beat the price anywhere.Great looking and very slick! Had to take it to a jeweller to remove some links, but otherwise awesome.This is my all time fave...I have owned a few Invictas and this one is my daily work horse. I love it.I purchased three watches for a couple of my good friends. They are very very nice watches, well put together, The problem I had was trying to find his and her watches LOL. Other wise great purchase.It's my gift to my love, he was excited when it arrived to see right away,he much like it as is was my expect.I ordered to replace a more expensive waatch that used batteries and found this to be a beeter waatch. Plus it will never need to be opened up to replace a battery.

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