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At CHANNOINE, we make no compromises when selecting the active ingredients for our formulas. In addition to meeting the highest quality standards, our ingredients are blended into combinations that ideally complement each other for enhanced performance of the complete skin care system.

This synergistic effect is what makes CHANNOINE skin care products so special, and the same holds true for each and every NOBUSAN health and nutritional supplement.

Why are plant stem cells used in some CHANNOINE beauty products?


Many different harmful factors can diminish the vitality of skin cells and impair their ability to divide, leading to poor skin health and faster skin aging. But stem cells – and only stem cells! – continually renew themselves, so the skin is able to regenerate in a natural and healthy manner. Importantly, with regard to cosmetics and skin care products, we are referring to adult skin stem cells and not embryonic stem cells.

It is a true statement that skin aging cannot be stopped, but only in terms of genetically programmed – or intrinsic – aging.




Due to our biological clock, cell division has an “expiration date” that we cannot influence. But our skin also ages as a result of external factors (extrinsic aging), such as the effects of UV rays, nicotine and alcohol abuse, an unhealthy diet or even inadequate skin care.

This is precisely why high-quality active ingredients can make a difference! Plant stem cells have proven to be especially effective when embedded in premium anti-aging formulas, and their potential is nearly unlimited.



The Principle of Plant Stem Cells:

Old plant varieties in particular have a high potential for self-healing, since they have endured even the most adverse conditions over the millennia. For example, when a plant is damaged by a cut, it forms a type of healing tissue (callus) that is packed with precious secondary plant compounds and displays highly regenerative properties




And now for the really good news: Stem cells from the callus tissue of plants are perfectly compatible with human skin cells, where they can help optimize cell renewal and provide protection against damaging UV rays and oxidative stress factors, among others. Only a small amount of plant substances is needed to yield a large number of stem cells. So, in keeping with the CHANNOINE philosophy, resources and ecosystems remain unharmed.


This premium active ingredient complex is based on the stem cells of the old Gamay Teinturier Fréaux grape variety from Burgundy. Vintners cherish this varietal for its exceptional UV resistance, and CHANNOINE puts these properties to use in skin care – in the form of a phyto stem cell extract that helps reliably protect epidermal skin stem cells against UV radiation and light-induced aging!                                                                                                                                     

Benefits include improved cell vitality and resistance, and support for the ability of cells to divide, which helps delay the aging process. It can be used at any age, for a rejuvenated and more radiant complexion!                                                                      

This active ingredient is based on stem cells of the argan plant (Argania Spinosa), one of the oldest tree species in the world. Native to Morocco and Algeria, the argan tree has adapted well to its arid habitat in the course of some 80 million years.

In CHANNOINE products, the stem cell extract derived from this impressive “survival artist” promotes moisture retention and the production of elastin,  hyaluronic acid and collagen in the middle layer of skin (dermis), while also supporting more rapid cell division and cell regeneration. In-vitro tests have shown the positive effect of this complex on the vitality and longevity of skin stem cells. The result is a more firm and rejuvenated complexion, with significantly reduced signs of wrinkles!

„Resistem™ is a highly unique anti-aging complex that harnesses the power of globe daisy stem cells for use in CHANNOINE products. In-vivo studies have confirmed the extract’s exceptional effectiveness as an anti-irritant.

By mobilizing the skin’s own regeneration mechanism and activating detoxification and anti-glycation mechanisms, the complex helps improve cell longevity, reduces redness and makes the skin appear smoother. The result is luxurious pampering for stressed out, allergy-afflicted or otherwise irritated skin!

With CHANNOINE’s premium triple-active hyaluronic acid profile, you will always be on the safe side when it comes to hydration! A single gram of this compound can bind up to six liters (!) of water, which means hyaluronic acid is clearly a must for smooth, firm and well-hydrated skin.

Unfortunately, the skin’s natural supply of this precious compound starts to decline rapidly at an early age, often leading to visible wrinkles, drooping skin, disruptions to the barrier layer, increased sensitivity to irritation or even faster burning when the skin is exposed to the sun.

The triple hyaluronic acid profile found in many CHANNOINE products helps quench your skin’s thirst for hydration by keeping it well supplied with moisture molecules:

  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: Does not penetrate into the skin, but instead forms a protective film that improves its natural defenses; also supplies surface moisture and leaves the skin feeling delicately smooth.
  • Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid: Improves hydration in deeper skin layers, activates the skin’s own protective mechanisms and makes fine lines appear smoother.
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: Has a high moisture binding and storage capacity, activates the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, and enables the skin to appear fuller, firmer and more elastic. 


The Asian Jiaogulan plant (or “herb of immortality”) is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is deemed to have cell regenerating properties and to be effective against oxidative stress.

Only a healthy skin barrier can protect the skin against penetration by harmful microbes, bacteria, allergens, etc. However, over the years, the skin is bombarded by external forces that may cause the natural protective barrier to become depleted or damaged. This is where REFORCYL® can provide effective relief, even for older skin, as it helps to regenerate the damaged skin barrier, activates epidermal lipids, sustainably improves hydration, activates the skin’s metabolic functions and protects against free radicals. The result is visibly firmer and more elastic skin, as well as a calmer complexion.

Everyone loves the sight of colorful crocuses growing in the fields during spring. But these flowers offer much more than just beauty to the eye, as their bulbs contain substances that help elevate cellular communication to new heights! As active ingredients in cosmetics, they stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and vital growth factors, thereby promoting faster skin regeneration and resulting in visibly rejuvenated skin.

A variety of different stress factors can impair the skin’s barrier function and cause inflammation. In turn, when the skin is under duress, it is likely to age more rapidly (so-called “inflamm-aging”). Even worse, skin inflammation and excessive dryness can often be quite painful.

Defensil®Plus is an active ingredient complex made from black currant oil, balloon plant extract and sunflower oil, to provide soothing relief for irritated or dry skin. At the same time, the ingredients create a protective umbrella that helps keep skin cells healthy. The effectiveness of these ingredients – e.g., against neurodermatitis, eczema and razor burn – has been demonstrated in studies, and we think you, too, will be convinced!

Although no one likes dealing with broken capillaries (“spider veins”) or brown pigment spots (age spots), these problems become more frequent as the skin ages. A variety of factors, including exposure to free radicals, can furthermore weaken the skin and lead to premature aging.

Chromocare™ is an active ingredient complex based on two plants that have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and is designed to effectively counteract redness, spider veins and spots caused by hyperpigmentation. In addition, the ingredients help strengthen the collagen structure and delay collagen depletion, while also protecting cells against oxidative stress.


Ideal skin is free of wrinkles, with fine pores and an even, healthy complexion. EPIDERMIST is a specialized complex of ingredients derived from plankton microorganisms and features a holistic skin perfecting effect that will bring you a step closer to this ideal.


Clinical studies have identified a cell renewal effect, as well as the complex’s ability to inhibit bacteria, calm and smooth the skin, and refine the pores. When used regularly, the studies have also shown a measurable increase in the production of hyaluronic acid and skin moisture, which in turn helps reduce the depth of wrinkles.

This biotech marine extract lets you feel the complete energy of the sea. The skin-perfecting blue algae extract protects cell DNA against external factors, supports cell repair


and renewal, and thereby helps refine and rejuvenate the skin’s texture. In addition, it is able to gradually balance differences in skin pigmentation.

The skin needs a continual supply of moisture, especially when exposed to dry heat or air conditioned spaces, or anytime the body is not getting enough fluids. HYDRANOV is a deep moisturizing complex derived from red algae, whose hygroscopic (water storing) properties are similar to those of hyaluronic acid.


HYDRANOV works by stimulating the formation of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis and delivering ample hydration to the skin, thereby providing a fast “total hydration restructuring” effect.

At CHANNOINE, we find it unthinkable to harm an animal for an ingredient to one of our products. How wonderful, then, that the plant kingdom provides us with effective alternatives. One example is the bark of the acacia tree, which gives us – acacia collagen


This precious natural substance is similar to human collagen, and it supplies and stores ample amounts of moisture. Importantly, it also forms a strong protective film that locks in moisture over the long run. The result: substantially strengthened skin and a visibly refined complexion thanks to the gentle astringent effect.

Discounting genetic predisposition, premature skin aging is primarily the result of external factors, including insufficient use of skin-activating substances in the daily regimen. There is a parallel with sports: Not enough mobilization leaves the cells sluggish. In this case, a highly active ingredient – such as truffle extract – can be like a fitness trainer for your skin.


Truffle extract supports collagen synthesis, so it helps strengthen connective tissue while also having a moisture regulating and regenerating effect. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles become less pronounced. The extract’s natural amino acid, vitamin, silica, polysaccharide and phosphor content furthermore helps revitalize skin tissue in the long run.

Is it possible to avoid fine wrinkles and lines while simultaneously making existing ones less visible? This may sound like magic, but it can be done! Wrinkles and saggy skin start in the connective tissue, so it is only logical that the active ingredients must target this area for effective rejuvenation. This is precisely what GATULINE IN-TENSE does – as a firming ingredient derived from the paracress plant, it is setting new standards in the fight against wrinkles.


But how does it work? In short: GATULINE IN-TENSE stimulates the biomechanical functions of deep-lying skin cells (fibroblasts) and reorganizes and protects collagen fibers, to ultimately improve skin density and rigidity.

The result is a step-by-step reduction in wrinkles and lines, with seemingly reshaped skin contours.

Time leaves its traces on the skin, in the form of wrinkles and lines. These are usually caused by a lack of collagen and changes in the overall collagen structure. The good news is that researchers have by now identified effective ways to counteract these wrinkle-inducing factors!

“Cell communication” is the key, and so-called messengers play the most important role – just as they do in CHANNOINE’s MATRIXYL activator complex.


Cells recognize these molecular messengers and can be activated by their special signals: for example, to increase the production of collagen fibers. This helps increase skin density, wrinkles become visibly smoother and the skin appears more youthfully radiant. In addition, the skin is better protected against harmful influences.

Only skin that is in balance can be healthy skin. But with so many factors constantly robbing it of moisture – e.g., wind, UV rays, air conditioners or heaters, or even unsuitable cosmetics – the skin is in dire need of high-quality moisturizing factors.


The answer: HYGROPLEX HHG, an intensive moisturizer with skin-like properties made on the basis of amino acids and urea, which significantly increases the skin’s ability to bind moisture. This helps the skin look and feel more elastic, while lending the complexion a “like new” radiance!

Expression lines often result from laughing and are a sign of an eventful life. Nevertheless, they can give the skin an “old” appearance. Especially as we age, we hope that we can somehow at least reduce the depth of these wrinkles, and make the skin appear smoother and more delicate. Fortunately, two peptide complexes used in various CHANNOINE anti-aging formulas can provide effective relief: Argireline and Leuphasyl.


Both work by relaxing the muscles in the affected areas (e.g., near the mouth or brows), to prevent existing wrinkles from “burrowing” deeper, but also to make it harder for new lines to form. This “Botox-like” effect helps relax the facial features to gives the skin a smoother appearance – but, of course, without harming the muscles!

It is no wonder that many love poems make reference to “porcelain” skin. After all, a smooth, pale, porcelain-like complexion with nearly invisible pores can be a woman’s most beautiful adornment! Perhaps a bit more surprising is that CHANNOINE experts can harness an extract with significant skin-rejuvenating properties from the porcelainflower.


In addition to balancing color irregularities through its brightening effect, the extract supplies the skin with moisture and provides an antibacterial, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effect, for a calmer and smoother complexion.

Yes, pearl extract! It is a luxurious beauty elixir that has also been highly valued in Chinese medicine for ages. The rare black pearl only grows in a single species of oyster and is prized for its spectacular color tones. The secret to its skin-care effectiveness lies inside the mysteriously glimmering layers of the perfectly shaped pearl body, which is packed with amino acids, minerals, trace elements and proteins.


As a result, a complex of these ingredients is able to unleash amazing beauty power for the skin. Black pearl extract supports the natural skin metabolism, activates regenerative cell functions, supplies intense moisture and helps to remineralize tissue. It also reduces skin irritation and excessive pigmentation, leaving the complexion clear and radiant.

Hollywood beauty Marilyn Monroe already knew it: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” Today we must add platinum, the most precious metal, as ever more couples are choosing this luxurious material for their wedding bands.

But even Marilyn Monroe would probably never have dreamed that diamonds and platinum could find use in the cosmetics industry – and at the very top of the list of luxurious ingredients at that.


CHANNOINE knows about the advantages of these “secret skin care weapons.” Their ever so gentle abrasive action on the outer skin cells channels precious anti-aging ingredients deep into the skin; and they help increase the moisture content in tissue, while also providing protection against toxins and free radicals.

The ultra-fine powders furthermore create a “soft focus” effect, by reflecting light in a manner that makes the skin appear more refined.

The vitamin-rich fruit of the schisandra plant has been highly valued in TCM since time immemorial. Today, it is equally prized for cosmetic applications, especially to treat skin that is susceptible to irritation. Schisandra extract calms sensitive and hyperreactive skin,


in the process gradually reducing its stress potential. It also has a regulating effect on skin cells that divide too rapidly, thus helping to alleviate the pain and itchiness associated with skin reactions. Pampering relief for all types of irritated skin!

We think everyone will agree that delicate lips are meant to be kissed. But what can be done to optimally care for their ultra-thin, sensitive skin?

An absolute must for beautifully puckered lips is using the right combination of premium ingredients, which explains why CHANNOINE uses this top-of-the-line ingredient with natural peptides.


Maxi Lip™ activates collagen and hyaluronic acid production, thereby improving the skin’s ability to bind moisture and lending the lips a decidedly smoother appearance.

After only a few applications, your lips will feel fuller and more delicate… and more inviting!

Environmental factors can take quite a toll on the skin. Free radicals, for example, can induce aging, which goes hand in hand with the skin losing natural lipids. At the same time, however, an optimal moisture-lipid balance is needed to maintain a healthy skin barrier function.

The ideal solution: CHANNOINE formulas containing luxuriously pampering phyto oils and phyto butters.


The broad range of lipids used in CHANNOINE face care products includes argan oil, grape seed oil, grape seed butter, shea butter, camellia oil, jojoba oil, oat oil, currant seed oil, avocado oil, avocado butter, mango butter, organic macadamia extract, macadamia oil, sesame oil, organic olive extract, squalane, amaranth oil, pomegranate seed oil, marula oil, peach seed oil, thistle oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, rosehip seed oil, Abyssinia oil, moringa oil, sunflower oil, rice oil, candlenut butter, candlenut oil, calendula oil, pistachio butter, almond oil, apricot butter, murumuru butter, buriti oil, cupuacu butter, olive butter, cotton oil, and many more.

DERMOCHLORELLA is a premium green algae extract rich in minerals, trace elements and especially amino acids, which are a fundamental component of connective tissue fibers and vital for protecting against free radicals.


This marine extract’s wide range of effectiveness is truly impressive: it activates collagen production and microcirculation, helps establish a denser connective tissue network, supports the restructuring of damaged tissue and provides detoxification by stimulating skin metabolism.

Connoisseurs the world over heap praise on the fine red wines made in France’s Bordeaux region. However, few people are aware that the grape plants give us more than just the precious drops from their fruit – above all, the powerful skin-rejuvenating compound called resveratrol.


At CHANNOINE, we use the Resveratrox Complex as a highly potent anti-aging ingredient. It protects DNA against UV-induced oxidative stress and activates sirtuins (“long-life” enzymes) that help reduce the depth of wrinkles, for a regenerated and rejuvenated complexion.

Tired skin can now be avoided! That’s because StimulHyal, a natural active ingredient complex produced in compliance with ECOCERT, stimulates – as the name implies – the skin’s production of hyaluronic acid and elastin, thereby improving skin elasticity and slowing the aging process.


The immediate result: The complexion appears less fatigued (anti-fatigue effect), significantly firmer and more refined.