Healthy hair shines, feels supple and enhances your facial contours as if it were glamorous jewelry, which is why we made sure that CHANNOINE’s GLAM STYLE HAIR COLLECTION lives up to its name! Luxurious phyto extracts and oils, revitalizing cell protection factors and bioactive proteins combine to gently cleanse and soothe your hair and scalp. The exquisite ingredients help restore the keratin layer, thereby lending your hair a natural shine.

Even weak and brittle hair will regain its bounce and shine with our wonderfully fragrant GLAM STYLE HAIR COLLECTION shampoos and conditioners.

The combination of specially selected plant extracts and high-tech hair care ingredients optimally protect the hair and scalp, for a luxurious shine.

Glam Style hair care products are designed for excellent tolerability. They undergo dermatological testing and are recommended by numerous hairdressers.

Each use is a
veritable beauty ritual

The delicately soft lather, exquisite flowery scent and instantly soothing treatment effect make our Glam Style Hair Collection products pure wellness for your hair – each time you wash!

Immediate and
long-lasting effect

The micro hair-care ingredients in Glam Style Conditioner coat each strand of hair, to add body, bounce and suppleness with each use.

Natural products for
naturally beautiful hair

The products in this hair care line feature phyto extracts that ideally complement each other thanks to the use of highly advanced cell activators and moisturizing factors.

A little goes
a long way

The unusually high concentration of active ingredients means you only need a small amount of GLAM STYLE HAIR COLLECTION shampoo and conditioner for each use. It’s the ingredients that count, not the amount!

Your individual beauty consultation

Get a skin analysis &
products to match your skin type

Do you really know what your skin needs?

Only if you know your exact skin type can you be sure of which products to use. One way to find out is by taking only a few minutes of your time to complete the CHANNOINE online skin analysis.

Because you are important to us

To put your skin in the best of hands, contact a CHANNOINE beauty specialist in your area for a personal consultation. You will receive a detailed skin analysis, as well as valuable recommendations for which products to use and how to best care for your skin – all free of charge!

Enjoy the advantages of being a CHANNOINE customer

Several times a year, we invite CHANNOINE customers to our free special events. In addition to receiving professional advice on beauty, nutrition and vitality, you will be able to take advantage of special bargains.