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Thirty years of practice has shown that there are many more skin types than simply “dry,” “oily” or “combination” skin. Important: The longer your skin goes without the right care for your skin type, the more it will be affected by harmful factors.

A few clicks through the online skin check will give you the answers you need to ideally care for and pamper your skin. This always includes highly interesting information and tips that will help you feel even better in your skin!

Every single CHANNOINE product offers your skin a luxurious “buffet” of pampering treats from nature and the research lab. The result: Renewed fitness for your skin cells and the rejuvenated complexion you have been dreaming of!

Our product competence is built upon highest ethical principles, profound beauty know-how and meticulously tested cosmetic formulas. Together with the one-of-a-kind CHANNOINE online skin analysis, this is your assurance for unmatched skin care systems that will help you unlock a nearly unlimited beauty potential.

Cutting-edge scientific research in combination with unspoiled nature – this is the basis for each and every CHANNOINE formula. Experience for yourself how products designed as a complete skin care system can make your skin feel fresher, more youthful and more flawless with each new day!

The CHANNOINE Skin Care System

as ingenious as the cogwheel

Every CHANNOINE skin care product functions like a cog in the system, to support the skin’s natural metabolism and the diverse functions of its cells:

  • eliminating metabolic wastes and deposits
  • cell renewal and moisture storage
  • producing hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin
  • maintaining an intact skin barrier to protect against harmful external factors 

The ingenious CHANNOINE skin care system concept ensures that each product enhances the performance of the others, while the unique spectrum of premium ingredients enables unmatched overall effectiveness. The result: revolutionary skin care performance unlike anything previously imaginable!

The revolutionary symbiosis of concentrated plant power and innovative cosmetics technology is what makes CHANNOINE skin care systems so uniquely effective. Similar to doing sports, your skin cells will receive “daily training” from your premium skin care system. Once your skin has regained its balance, it is important to continue with this systemized approach… for even more remarkable and sustainable results.

The skin is comparable to a mechanical system: When all functions mesh, the whole also functions properly and the skin looks healthier or even more youthful. Unfortunately, the opposite is true if skin care is neglected or insufficient, as impurities, dryness, irritation or wrinkles are likely to result. That’s why CHANNOINE skin care systems are based on “intelligent” products that give your skin exactly what it needs.  

We all know how important cleansing is to our skin. But, if a cleanser contains too many aggressive ingredients and not enough skin care components, this essential step in your daily regimen can actually harm or stress your skin. The solution: cleansers that include soothing skin care ingredients – only from CHANNOINE!

CHANNOINE tonics (i.e., toners) and lotions can do all of the following and more: remove hard water (calcareous) deposits and residue left from cleansing, refine the pores, activate skin cells, provide intensive moisturizing and invigorate the skin. Don’t neglect this important skin care step!