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Dry (sebostatic) skin up to the age of 45:

Your dry skin is lacking in essential lipids and has difficulty binding moisture. This explains why it often feels rough or even unpleasantly tight, and why it is more susceptible to harmful external factors. Perhaps you have noticed your skin becoming drier over the years, or you may have experienced itchy, scaly skin in some areas (especially during winter). Just as likely, wrinkles now appear deeper and more noticeable than ever before. You also probably feel the need to apply cream to your face several times a day due to the skin feeling tight. But this is actually counterproductive, since your skin will get used to this “outside assistance” and become inactive as a result. Instead, a challenging skin type like yours needs to be treated with highly specialized ingredients that can help activate the skin cells – think of it as a targeted CHANNOINE fitness program for your skin – and that’s why the CHANNOINE skin care system is designed to stimulate the skin’s own corrective processes. You should notice the initial effects within a short period of time, and we think you will be impressed by how wonderfully soft and smooth your skin can feel without having to apply cream every few hours!

The current skin condition as a supplement to the basic skin type yields

Your current overall skin type

The skin type analysis is made up of 4 skin types that serve as the basis: “normal,” “dry,” “combination skin” and “oily.” The differences are usually based on genetic or hormonal disposition, but they can also be the result of external influences: UV exposure and environmental pollutants, nicotine and alcohol, stress, cold or heat, heated or air conditioned air, medications and, not least, the quality of cosmetics used. These influences can promote additional unpleasant skin conditions or tendencies for each basic skin type – also in a detrimental “combination mix”.

Skin Impurities

Skin Impurities

Skin Impurities (comedones = blackheads, pimples, milia):

As an organ of excretion, the skin assumes a major detoxification function: It continually eliminates toxins, excess fluids (sweat and oil) and other substances from the body.

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Importantly, high-quality nutrition supplements can also accelerate and support these functions.

Skin Care Necessities

Your special Skin necessities are ...

Your special Skin necessities are ...