The various CHANNOINE product lines are designed to benefit all skin types and ages. Nevertheless, some products deliver even better results for a specific “skin age” and are therefore a more effective choice for meeting the skin care needs of someone who fits the age profile. To find the skin care line that best meets your current needs, please use the links below.

Skin up to the age of 21 …

... requires two things in particular: effective cleansing and gentle protection. Wrinkles and sagging contours are a long way off yet, but there is the common problem of environmental and hormonal influences causing skin impurities, oiliness or even sensitivity and irritation.

The MY CHANNOINE and SEJAWA product lines take the above factors into account to deliver targeted skin care for this age group. Make the best of your youth and place your trust in a complete skin care system for young skin – one developed by the beauty experts at CHANNOINE!  


Perfect harmony for young skin

  • Thorough and deep daily cleansing
  • Optimized deep hydration
  • Enhanced protection against environmental influences and UV rays

Skin up to the age of 30 …

... needs to be well protected and cared for. Now is the time to guard your skin against premature aging, which can lead to the first wrinkles. Our SEJAWA and INFINITE SKIN HARMONY lines contain everything your skin needs and more, such as antioxidants, rich moisturizers, gentle anti-aging ingredients and cell-stimulating components.

Let the results speak for themselves: perfect cleansing, a clear complexion and lots of compliments!


Optimal protection for young skin

  • Deep hydration already during cleansing
  • Sustained anti-aging protection
  • Antioxidant cell protection

Skin up to the age of 45 …

... needs a bit more of everything – more hydration, more lipids, more regeneration and even more cell protection. If you fall into this age category, using the right skin care products now can help ensure a youthfully radiant complexion for the future!

Our INFINITE SKIN HARMONY and SKIN EXCELLENCE beauty products contain the finest anti-aging ingredients combined within luxurious formulas to pamper the skin of women in the prime of life. The unmatched performance of the line’s beauty serums, cures and other skin-optimizing products lets your skin receive everything it needs to maintain a more youthful radiance and elasticity.


Anti-aging beauty care for skin in need of regeneration

  • Intensely pampering skin care with a time-release effect
  • Daily deep hydration
  • A visibly regenerated complexion and youthful radiance

Skin up to the age of 55 …

... has particularly demanding needs! This means your daily beauty regimen should include products that deliver intense hydration and pampering skin care in one. Our innovative, high-purity micronutrients stimulate keratin and collagen formation to help optimize regeneration in deep skin layers, for visibly more youthful contours. In addition, the finest plant lipids and phyto stem cell complexes help delay the aging process by reaching even to the deepest layer of skin cells. It all adds up to an incredibly radiant and youthful complexion!

Our SKIN EXCELLENCE line is designed to be part of a daily beauty regimen that luxuriously pampers skin in need of regeneration. A veritable “elixir of youth,” these high-end products help regenerate tired skin to leave it visibly smoother and with a more radiant complexion. For extra pampering and anti-aging relief, make sure to also use the masks, serums, ampoules and other “anti-aging specials” in our SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS collection.


Luxurious skin care for the second phase of life

  • Deep regeneration for visibly rejuvenated skin
  • Unmatched density and concentration of active ingredients
  • Luxurious products for optimal skin care results

Skin aged 55 and above …

... shows signs of life experience! After all, at age 55 the skin simply cannot be as smooth as it was at 20. When fine wrinkles appear near the eyes and mouth, it is merely a reminder that life is filled with laughter and sorrow. Although these “souvenirs of life” should be worn with pride, the right skin care product is now more important than ever to ensure that you will continue to feel good in your skin for years to come.

With our SKIN EXCELLENCE line, women with mature skin can always be sure of making the right choice! Nourishing lipids, advanced cell-stimulating agents, powerful anti-aging factors and nature’s finest moisturizers all work together to lend the skin a firmer and more youthful appearance. For an even more luxurious beauty care regimen, the optimizing formulas in our SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS collection also await you.


Benefits for mature skin, from age 55 onward:

  • Intense deep moisturizing with a time-release effect
  • Visible reduction in wrinkles
  • Highly effective, specialized formulas for an optimal skin care regimen