High-quality skin and body care is something no modern man would do without. That’s why our specialized BLUE PLANET line is designed to the same luxurious standards as CHANNOINE products for women. After all, men, too, should experience the benefit of powerful anti-aging ingredients, revitalizing moisturizers and energizing phyto extracts, but in products that have been specifically tailored to meet their needs. The result: perfect skin and body grooming for the man of today.

The ingredients in our Blue Planet men’s skin care line couldn’t be more luxurious: silk and cashmere extracts, silver, macadamia oil, and more. We combine them into high-tech skin care solutions that any man who values a more refined appearance won’t be able to resist.

The BLUE PLANET line offers men everything they need to make showering, shaving and all-over body grooming a uniquely pampering experience.


In just a few simple steps, BLUE PLANET products leave the skin feeling firm and refreshed, for a noticeably rejuvenated complexion over the long run.

Deep penetrating
cell protection

Biotechnologically refined antioxidants, together with soothing lipids and moisturizing factors, provide immediate skin protection and long-lasting regeneration of the complexion.

Luxurious texture,
masculine scent

No more need to shy away from creams! BLUE PLANET products feature feathery soft textures that quickly melt into the skin, along with a refreshingly masculine scent.

Thoroughly tested ingredients

All ingredients used in the BLUE PLANET line have been fastidiously tested by skin care experts to ensure their unmatched effectiveness and tolerability!

Your individual beauty consultation

Get a skin analysis &
products to match your skin type

Do you really know what your skin needs?

Only if you know your exact skin type can you be sure of which products to use. One way to find out is by taking only a few minutes of your time to complete the CHANNOINE online skin analysis.

Because you are important to us

To put your skin in the best of hands, contact a CHANNOINE beauty specialist in your area for a personal consultation. You will receive a detailed skin analysis, as well as valuable recommendations for which products to use and how to best care for your skin – all free of charge!

Enjoy the advantages of being a CHANNOINE customer

Several times a year, we invite CHANNOINE customers to our free special events. In addition to receiving professional advice on beauty, nutrition and vitality, you will be able to take advantage of special bargains.