The name of this line says it all: INFINITE SKIN HARMONY! The nature-based ingredients provide a virtually endless nourishing and anti-aging effect, for an infinitely luxurious feeling on your skin. The products feature soothing lipids, exquisite phyto extracts and powerful moisturizing factors that leave your complexion looking radiant and rejuvenated. Of special note: For the most part, aloe vera concentrate is used instead of water, thereby enabling the high-tech and organic ingredients to provide around-the-clock calming and moisturizing. It all adds up to pure luxury for your skin

Selected plant extracts and highly concentrated anti-aging factors protect and regenerate the skin cells. The effect is immediate and long lasting, leaving your complexion looking firmer and younger.

Nature is an endless source of beauty and anti-aging ingredients. INFINITE SKIN HARMONY products combine the finest natural ingredients with the latest high-tech components to create the perfect balance.

Our INFINITE SKIN HARMONY line and complementing SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS products offer everything you need for a complete and luxurious skin care regimen, including firming products for the hands and décolleté. Endless beauty for the face and body has never felt so luxurious!

Goodbye water,
hello aloe vera

In our INFINITE SKIN HARMONY products, the water content of conventional cosmetics has been for the most part replaced by organic aloe vera juice, which is known for its long-lasting moisturizing and healing effects.

Luxurious from the
first step onward

Even the cleansing products leave your skin feeling firmer and smoother, so imagine what the serums and creams can do!

Highly concentrated
active ingredients

As is the case for all CHANNOINE beauty lines, INFINITE SKIN HARMONY products contain exceptionally high active ingredient concentrations.  

skin care

The ingredients used in the INFINITE SKIN HARMONY line are designed to penetrate deep into the skin and reach all the way down to the cellular level, for the longest lasting skin care effect you have ever experienced

Your individual beauty consultation

Get a skin analysis &
products to match your skin type

Do you really know what your skin needs?

Only if you know your exact skin type can you be sure of which products to use. One way to find out is by taking only a few minutes of your time to complete the CHANNOINE online skin analysis.

Because you are important to us

To put your skin in the best of hands, contact a CHANNOINE beauty specialist in your area for a personal consultation. You will receive a detailed skin analysis, as well as valuable recommendations for which products to use and how to best care for your skin – all free of charge!

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Several times a year, we invite CHANNOINE customers to our free special events. In addition to receiving professional advice on beauty, nutrition and vitality, you will be able to take advantage of special bargains.