Although young skin is often considered “perfect,” hormonal and environmental influences can leave it blemished or dry. As a result, we developed the myCHANNOINE line to address the specific needs of younger skin. From deep-acting pore cleansers through to 24-hour skin therapy products, the line’s premium ingredients – such as highly concentrated vitamins, phyto extracts and even gemstone extracts – help to gently balance, clarify and hydrate the complexion.

Luxurious ingredients extracted from plants and gemstones are the secret why myCHANNOINE cleansers clarify and purify deep into the pores without drying your skin.

Well-hydrated skin is better able to protect itself from damaging environmental influences, and it feels more refreshed and healthy too. That’s why myCHANNOINE products are formulated to provide deep and long-lasting moisturizing, while containing a complex of powerful ingredients that address the specific problems of young skin.

With regular use, myCHANNOINE products help the complexion regain its natural radiance and elasticity. Young skin exactly as it should be!

Gentle products are better for young skin

Whereas many cosmetics designed to treat skin impurities can lead to exceeding dryness and tightness, myCHANNOINE products are formulated to be gentle yet effective in restoring the skin’s natural balance.

Highly concentrated, highly pampering ingredients

Due to the unique needs of young skin, it is especially important to use the right skin care formula. This is why the myCHANNOINE line contains only the finest ingredients for treating young skin – in the highest possible concentrations to be safe and effective!

A commitment to nature-based substances

For this line, too, CHANNOINE relies primarily on the power of nature. The unique combination of superior-quality bioactive and high-tech ingredients ensures gentle cleansing, pampering care and long-lasting protection for your skin.

Easy to use

Skin purifying is especially important to get rid of blackheads and other impurities, but the process should also remain quick and easy. With myCHANNOINE products, your daily skin care regimen will involve only a few simple steps! 

Your individual beauty consultation

Get a skin analysis & products
to match your skin type

Do you really know what your skin needs?

Only if you know your exact skin type can you be sure of which products to use. One way to find out is by taking only a few minutes of your time to complete the CHANNOINE online skin analysis.

Because you are important to us

To put your skin in the best of hands, contact a CHANNOINE beauty specialist in your area for a personal consultation. You will receive a detailed skin analysis, as well as valuable recommendations for which products to use and how to best care for your skin – all free of charge!

Enjoy the advantages of being a CHANNOINE customer

Several times a year, we invite CHANNOINE customers to our free special events. In addition to receiving professional advice on beauty, nutrition and vitality, you will be able to take advantage of special bargains.