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product recommendation: Pore Sensitive Enriched Gel-Cleanser

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Pore Sensitive Enriched Gel-Cleanser

Pore Sensitive Enriched Gel-Cleanser

Article Number 12302 · 200 ml

This deep-acting bio-cleansing fluid is especially gentle on the skin as it thoroughly removes impurities from deep within the pores. Not only does CHANNOINE PORE SENSITIVE ENRICHED GEL-CLEANSER replenish your skin with vital nutrients and moisturizers during cleansing, but it also ideally prepares your skin for the follow-on application of creams, serums and masks.

As a result, you are getting more than just a naturally mild facial cleanser!

Directions for Use:

Apply a small amount of CHANNOINE PORE SENSITIVE ENRICHED GEL-CLEANSER to wet hands. Briefly lather in your hands, then gently rub into the moistened skin of your face and neck using circular motions. Continue until the skin is free of makeup and other residue, making sure to avoid the eye area at all times. If necessary, add more warm water as you rub the lather into your skin. When finished, thoroughly rinse the skin with warm water. For even better results, apply a CHANNOINE facial tonic or lotion after cleansing.

Important Note:

Store PORE SENSITIVE ENRICHES GEL-CLEANSER in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Optimized Skin Care:

For optimal effectiveness, we recommend using this product only in combination with other CHANNOINE cosmetics, as part of a complete skin care system.   

About our products:

All CHANNOINE cosmetics result from many years of research using the latest technologies. Thanks to our continuous quality control measures, the name CHANNOINE stands for highest quality, effectiveness and luxury in skin care products.

All CHANNOINE products are free of animal testing, without exceptions.   

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35,00 EUR (100 ml = 17,50 EUR)
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