Revolutionary Beauty and Health Concepts

Nothing is closer to you than your skin. But only if you feel great inside your own skin will your natural beauty radiate to the outside world. That’s why caring for the skin, both inside and out, is so important. Over thirty years ago, we at CHANNOINE made it a point to approach skin care differently than most cosmetic manufacturers.

Today, knowing how important skin care is to our customers, the entire range of CHANNOINE products is available only through a personal consultation with one of our certified partners or online through our innovative skin type analysis system.

All of our skin care products are based solely on exclusive ingredients whose origin is strictly verified. And, as part of a comprehensive skin care system, each product delivers optimal effectiveness when used in combination with other CHANNOINE products. Thus, in each fascinating package, you can be sure to find a luxurious and highly effective skin care formula that ideally meets the needs of the skin type it was designed for.

And for your Healthiness

This quality-oriented philosophy also extends to our nutritional supplements product range. Under the NOBUSAN Nutrition brand name, you will find one-of-a-kind vitamin and mineral supplements designed to meet specific nutritional needs in almost any situation or stage of life. These nature-based products combine highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and trace elements with premium phyto complexes, to give you a boost in vitality and performance that you will feel and others will notice.

Because we are committed to supporting all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, we went an extra step to create the VITAPROOF Vitality Lounge. Here you will find valuable information on the topics of physical and psychological health, beauty and wellness, and even healthy and delicious recipes.

Simply choose a section of the online lounge to start exploring. We look forward to your visit!