Our corporate philosophy

What makes CHANNOINE so special?

As a manufacturer, one could simply take the easy road: develop products, produce them, market them with campaigns, sell them and that’s that.

But CHANNOINE has always taken an atypical view of the responsibilities we should live up to as a company. We do not focus on profit, but rather on people – at all times and as a matter of conviction. This conviction comes from a constant awareness that we cannot achieve anything without our customers, employees and partners. Only if they are all completely satisfied can we be completely satisfied!

With this goal in mind, we have committed ourselves to producing only the very best high-end cosmetics and nutritional supplements – in each case, products with unmatched effectiveness, but also meeting the very specific needs of our customers. As part of this commitment, we strive to continually improve our existing formulas, but also to find new ways of adding value using the synergistic linkages between inner and outer beauty and health care. In addition, the exquisite raw materials that go into our products are procured from long-term reliable and certified sources, while our production processes, too, are designed to meet the highest possible standards.

On the human resources front, CHANNOINE has implemented a one-of-a-kind training concept that is unmatched within the industry in terms of creating career opportunities for our partners. A key reason is that our customers are also able to benefit directly: They receive competent and honest person-to-person advice from a friendly partner, and this goes hand in hand with an exceptional product range that helps people live a happier and healthier life.


There is a final important point that sets us apart from the competition: We have made it a policy to avoid costly media advertising. Instead, we choose to invest the savings into making our products more affordable for our customers, especially considering the quality that goes into them. We believe that unrivaled products should speak for themselves, for the people who understand and use them are sure to spread the word. Our strong sales figures are proof enough that this concept works, although we prefer pointing to the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who continue to entrust their beauty care and nutritional health supplements needs to CHANNOINE.