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CHANNOINE’s Active Commitment to Animal Protection

Unlike many competitors in the cosmetics industry, animal welfare has always been a very special value at CHANNOINE and NOBUSAN.

From CHANNOINE’s very inception we have operated with the awareness that, as human beings, we carry a great deal of responsibility. After all, we get everything we need from nature – like the ingredients for our cosmetics and nutritional supplements – and we feel this makes us responsible for giving something back by supporting as many worthwhile causes as possible.

With the animal welfare project "HumanaResort Foundation" financed and run by CHANNOINE, the company is raising the flag against animal suffering.


This awareness led us to establish an animal protection foundation called the HUMANA RESORT FOUNDATION in 1999.

Through it, abandoned dogs and cats on the Spanish island of Ibiza are given a new, loving home, where they are seen after by experienced animal caretakers and veterinarians. Recognized as a non-profit organization by both Liechtenstein and Spain, the foundation sees to the needs of more than 300 animals on Ibiza.

The project is financed mainly by funding from CHANNOINE, and it gives us great joy to do so, but we could use additional support from animal lovers in order to help even more needy animals.

So, perhaps you, too, would like to sponsor an animal through our foundation?



Our Project:

Humans for Animals

The Balearic Island of Ibiza is best known as a vacation and party hot spot that offers lots of sunshine, blue skies and beaches for those with a lust for life.

However, the island also has a darker side that is often viewed as a mere nuisance by visitors, namely the plight of its homeless cats and dogs. Abandoned by locals and tourists alike, these poor animals often suffer from undernourishment and disease, with their only hope of “salvation” coming from local animal catchers who seek to inhumanely dispose of them.

Reason enough for us to initiate the HUMANARESORT FOUNDATION! In addition to other animal protection projects, the foundation currently takes care of some 300 cats and dogs, whose new home is a dedicated animal resort opened by the foundation in 2002.

  • Location: Balearen
  • Living area staff: ca. 380 m²
  • Size of the area: 56.000 m²
  • Free-zone cats: ca. 6.000 m²
  • Free-zone dogs: ca. 3.100 m²
  • Food-area: ca. 620 m²

Animal Sponsorship

Love for Animals
Requires Funding

They say that death is the only thing in life that’s free. On the other hand, the cost of sustaining even a single life can indeed be quite high if you factor in all the costs. Of course, CHANNOINE AG provides a large part of the funding required for the animal resort to operate, but we cannot do it alone. Thus, we are fortunate that many CHANNOINE Business Associates have decided to support the HUMANARESORT FOUNDATION by sponsoring, or “adopting,” an animal.

To meet its mission of protecting needy animals, the HUMANARESORT FOUNDATION requires a significant budget that can only be met through the cooperation of an entire community of likeminded people – people who share the values of humaneness and ethics towards animals.

We are thus pleased that funding from CHANNOINE AG along with contributions (through animal sponsorships) from many of our committed CHANNOINE Business Associates are able to meet the minimum budget needed for the HUMANARESORT FOUNDATION to continue its beneficial work.

Due to the official tax-free status awarded by the governments of Liechtenstein and Spain, plus the fact that all of the foundation’s functionaries are volunteers, all funds received through donations and animal sponsorships go directly towards helping the resort’s needy animals.

By agreeing to sponsor an animal, you, too, can actively support the HUMANARESORT FOUNDATION and help improve the life of any animal in our care!

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