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product recommendation: VITACIL Plus

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Mental and bodily power


Article Number 7002 · 38.47 g

People are living longer than ever before, but they are unfortunately not living healthier.

Despite wanting a healthy life and vitality in old age, for many these goals remain unattainable. By the time we reach the age of 45, most of us experience symptoms of aging, while the depletion of vital nutrients and enzymes begins to accelerate.

NOBUSAN Vitacil Plus contains all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to help support vitality during the later stages of life. In addition, the product contains a number of high-quality plant compounds that, in combination, are designed to have a revitalizing and invigorating effect on the body.

Recommendation for use: Take 2 capsules every day, preferably 2 houres after mealtimes with a glas of water or fruit juice.

Store away from children. Not for pregnant- or nursing women.

The consumtion of nutritional supplements did not substitute a healthy and varied diet and regimen. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

29,60 EUR (100 g = 76,94 EUR)
incl. VAT., plus delivery charges
delivery in 1-3 days


VITACIL Plus: A power product for the 55+ generation. This rejuvenating elixir helps improve vitality by compensating for nutritional deficiencies, to keep the body and mind fit during mid-life and beyond.

Store at room temperature (until 21°C), drily and free from sun exposure.

Free from GM technology (no subject to marking regarding GVO under EG-VO 1829/2003 and 1830/2003.)


Analyse Pro 2 Kapseln* %NRV**
Vitamin D 3,00 µg 60
Vitamin E (TE)*** 15,00 mg 125
Vitamin C 43,76 mg 55
- davon aus Ascorbinsäure 42,00 mg 53
- davon aus Acerolapulver 1,76 mg 2,2
Vitamin B1 1,64 mg 149
Vitamin B2 1,60 mg 114
Vitamin B6 2,00 mg 143
Vitamin B12 1,50 µg 60
Niacin (NE)*** 18,00 mg 113
Pantothensäure 6,00 mg 100
Vitamin K1 (Phyllochinon) 40,00 µg 53
Folsäure 344,00 µg 172
Biotin 150,00 µg 300
Eisen 7,50 mg 54
Zink 10,00 mg 100
Jod 140,00 µg 93
Selen 77,00 µg 140
Kupfer 1,50 mg 150
Mangan 3,50 mg 176
Chrom 100,00 µg 250
Molybdän 142,00 µg 284
Karottenpulver 233,00 mg
Weißdornbeeren Extrakt 80,00 mg
- davon Flavone 1,60 mg
Kaffee-Extrakt 80,00 mg
- davon Koffein 3,20 mg
Ginsengpulver 60,00 mg
Brennnessel Extrakt 40,00 mg
Acerolapulver 7,00 mg
Coenzym Q10 6,00 mg
Lycopinpulver 10,00 mg
- davon Lycopin 1,00 mg
Pfeffer-Extrakt 2,50 mg
- davon Piperin 2,38 mg


*daily dose = 2 capsules
**NRV = % of reverence value for nutrients (nach VO (EG) Nr. 1169/2011)
***TE = Tocopherol Äquivalent; NE = Niacin Äquivalent

NOBUSAN VITACIL Plus is a product of the CHANNOINE AG, Austraße 73, Postfach 1, 9490 VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN
Made in BRD