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product recommendation: ISABIONE Plus

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Fruits and berries for the whole family


Article Number 7013 · 250 g

This fruit-filled natural product makes it easy to provide children with a tasty and nutritional source of energy. Ingredients include 18 different types of fruits and berries from all over the world for a very pleasant source of nutrients. 

Added vitamins, trace elements and minerals make NOBUSAN Isabione Plus a daily must for those interested in getting the most out of their diet. The product is also well-suited for use in combination with other NOBUSAN energy products.

Recommendation for use: Stir in 1 heaped measuring spoon (= 10 g) of powder in a glas of water, tee or fruit juice and drink it preferably before your principal mealtime. Best before 2 month after opening the box.

Store away from children. Not for pregnant- or nursing women.

The consumtion of nutritional supplements did not substitute a healthy and varied diet and regimen. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

42,30 EUR (100 g = 16,92 EUR)
incl. VAT., plus delivery charges
delivery in 1-3 days


ISABIONE Plus is a fruity fitness supplement for the entire family, packing the power of 18 different fruits and berries from around the world. Meet your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals with this tasty beverage.

Store at room temperature (until 25°C), drily and free from sun exposure.

Free from GM technology (no subject to marking regarding GVO under EG-VO 1829/2003 and 1830/2003.)


Analyse: Pro 100 g % NRV** Pro Portion* 10 g % NRV**
Vitamin E (TE)*** 200 mg 1667 20,00 mg 167
Vitamin C 1003 mg 1254 100,00 mg 125
Vitamin B1 11 mg 1000 1,10 mg 100
Vitamin B2 15 mg 1071 1,50 mg 107
Vitamin B6 16 mg 1143 1,60 mg 114
Folsäure 3438 µg 1719 344,00 µg 172
Vitamin B12 18 µg 720 1,80 µg 72
Biotin 600 µg 1200 60,00 µg 120
Calcium 4880 mg 600 488,00 mg 60
Kalium 3000 mg 150 300,00 mg 15
Magnesium 880 mg 235 88,00 mg 24
Natrium 349 mg 35,00 mg
L-Carnitin 1000 mg 100,00 mg
Coenzym Q10 100 mg 10,00 mg


*daily dose = 10 g powder
**NRV = % of reverence value for nutrients (nach VO (EG) Nr. 1169/2011)
***TE = Tocopherol Äquivalent; NE = Niacin Äquivalent

NOBUSAN ISABIONE Plus is a product of the CHANNOINE AG, Austraße 73, Postfach 1, 9490 VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN
Made in BRD