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Customer centricity and highest quality

That's what makes us special!

The unique CHANNOINE philosophy

For us, the
people are the focus.

Find out more about our philosophy and how we stand on the topics of active partnership, customer focus, top quality and no media advertising.

About CHANNOINE philosophy

We are there for you
when you need us

Our CHANNOINE experts look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to support you with an individual, free consultation ...

  • for a complete supply of vital substances in every situation,
  • with the optimization of your beauty care, or
  • how to perfect your make-up according to type and occasion.

We look forward to seeing you!

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ingredients and effect

Highest quality standards,
without compromise

For us and our customers, not only must the quality of all ingredients meet the highest standards, the active ingredients must also complement and potentiate each other perfectly.

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we for animals

Active animal welfare

Animal welfare has always been a very special priority for CHANNOINE and NOBUSAN. With this in mind, we founded the animal welfare foundation "HumanaResort Foundation" in 1999 and see it as our duty to be active against animal suffering.

More about the CHANNOINE animal welfare project