Well-groomed and pampered from
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Skin Emotion

At all times groomed to
the tips of your toes

Perfect skin harmony and vital cell balance also count, ...

... when it comes to body care. Only the most valuable precious substances for your skin. The SKIN EMOTION Body Care line was developed for precisely this purpose.

Exquisite ingredients from nature meet biotechnologically advanced active ingredients for every area of application and every skin type. Velvety-soft textures with an almost unreal performance potential envelop you in the indescribable feeling of being perfectly cared for down to the tips of your toes at all times.

Body care Product overview


Why Skin Emotion?

Compatible with all other series

As part of the CHANNOINE system care, all products in the SKIN EMOTION line are ideal as a system care supplement to the facial care series. 

Beauty from tested origin

Every SKIN EMOTION product is the result of many years of cosmetic research. All components come exclusively from tested and certified sources. 

Pure Anti-Aging

Antioxidant vitamin complexes, lasting hydrating complexes and gentle phyto-oils protect the skin from cell ageing right down to the deep structures. 

Unique care experiences

"A quick shower" is a thing of the past - SKIN-EMOTION care starts the day like in a spa! Experience unique, exquisite beauty essences with a sensational effect and unique feel-good potential.

Body care with more than just a touch of luxury

From body scrub, two precious body lotion textures and antiperspirant to refreshing and nourishing foot lotion, SKIN EMOTION offers outstanding luxury care for the whole body.

Hand in hand with valuable phyto-extracts and exquisite oils, the most innovative high-tech substances give the SKIN EMOTION line its incomparable effectiveness.

Skin-flattering textures, an extravagant fragrance and a unique system care concept, all packaged in pure luxury, turn every product into a sensual wellness experience. 


From body scrub, two precious body lotion textures and antiperspirant to refreshing and nourishing foot lotion, SKIN EMOTION offers outstanding luxury care for the whole body. 

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Only if you know your skin properly can you take proper care of it. So take a few minutes to get to know your skin properly with the CHANNOINE online skin analysis.

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To make sure your skin is in good hands, you can book a personal consultation with a CHANNOINE beauty specialist near you at any time. After a thorough analysis of your skin type, she will provide you with exactly the right product and skincare recommendations. Free of charge, of course!

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"The fact that the consultation appointments at my CHANNOINE BEAUTY-POINT actually cost nothing never ceases to amaze me. I get great advice and they have never tried to talk me into unnecessary things. Instead, for example, I was shown what effect a weekly peeling application can have and many more valuable skincare tips."

Miriam R., 49 Jahre

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