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Active animal welfare by CHANNOINE


Animal welfare has always been a very special value at CHANNOINE and NOBUSAN.

Humans for animals

It was with this in mind that we founded the HumanaResort Foundation in 1999.

Since the first day of CHANNOINE, we have been working in the awareness that we as humans bear a great responsibility. We take everything we need from nature - including, for example, the ingredients for our cosmetic and vital substance preparations.

However, we believe that this also creates an obligation to give something back and it is even better to do good in as many places as possible.

With the "HumanaResort Foundation" animal welfare project financed and run by CHANNOINE, the company is flying the flag against animal suffering.


Love for animals without limits

It gives abandoned, neglected dogs and cats on the Spanish island of Ibiza a loving new home under the care of experienced animal carers and vets. The foundation, which is recognized as a charity in Liechtenstein and Spain, regularly looks after and cares for over 300 animals on Ibiza.

CHANNOINE largely finances the project from its own resources. We are happy to do this - but we need the support of more animal lovers so that we can take in even more animals in need.

Perhaps we can get you to sponsor an animal at our resort?

Information about the project

Humans for animals

Summer, sun, beach and sea, a vacation atmosphere and a party mood - the Balearic island of Ibiza is often full of pure joie de vivre. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all the inhabitants of the famous Mediterranean island.

Because even here there is a dark, annoying dark side for many visitors - the misery of countless cats and dogs. Abandoned by locals or tourists, hunted by state animal trappers and threatened with "disposal", many animals are exposed to a miserable existence in hunger and disease.

Reason and obligation for the "HumanaResort Foundation" to act. In addition to other animal welfare projects, the animal welfare foundation currently cares for over 300 cats and dogs that have found a new home in an animal resort that was completed and opened in 2002.

the project

Casa Ursula
The animal paradise

Location: Balearic Islands
Living space for care staff: approx. 380 m²
Total floor space: 56,000 m²
Open space for cats: approx. 6,000 m²
Open space for dogs:  3,100 m²
Feeding station area: approx. 620 m²
the project

Casa Ursula

On the initiative of the animal welfare foundation "HumanaResort Foundation", a unique animal resort for the entire Balearic region was created on the island of Ibiza. Since the completion of the extensive construction work and the opening of the animal resort in the first quarter of 2002, cats and dogs have been provided with species-appropriate accommodation, large free zones and quarantine stations.

A spacious residential complex with several separate service apartments was built for the full-time animal caretakers. The total costs of the animal resort were financed exclusively privately until the turnkey handover of the property and transferred to the ownership of the "HumanaResort Foundation" once the facility was operational.

Take out an animal sponsorship

I am also happy to support the aims of the HumanaResortFoundation and sponsor an animal.

I am aware that my sponsored animal needs regular food, care and veterinary attention. I will therefore maintain my animal sponsorship for a minimum period of 12 months. My animal sponsorship will be extended for a further 12 months unless I terminate my animal sponsorship beforehand with a notice period of 3 months.

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