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the channoine system care concept

The 1x1 of skin care

The CHANNOINE skin care concept works in a similar way to the ingenious "cogwheel principle". The active potential of individual skin care products interlock in a special way and thus potentiate each other's effect profile. Always with the aim of maximizing user benefit through the system care potential.

In order for this unique complexity of effects to develop maximum user benefit, the mutually complementary care steps must be adhered to in the daily skin care routine.

Skin care concept
from young to old


Everything has its time: even the right skincare for the current "time of life".

Find out what CHANNOINE can do for you at different stages of your life.

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in harmony with the seasons

Four Seasons

In the holistic CHANNOINE system care concept, care recommendations are always tailored to the current seasonal and individual requirements to keep your skin healthy.

For high-performance skin care throughout the year: find out more about what is important.

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Decorative cosmetics

Make-up and skincare

The COLOR FLASH COLLECTION from CHANNOINE is far more than "just" make-up!

The products in this sophisticated collection are not only characterized by irresistible colour brilliance, but are also exceptionally gentle and caring for the skin thanks to special anti-ageing additives.

channoine cosmetic culture

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CHANNOINE ... Because it makes you beautiful. In every season, at every age, for every skincare requirement.

As a CHANNOINE user, you have your own personal fountain of youth in your jar - day after day.

Find out more about the uniqueness of the CHANNOINE product world.

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