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CHANNOINE pampers the skin at any time of the year with special beauty care products that are perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions throughout the year.

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Experience something new. Feel something new in springtime.

When everything is green, blooming and smelling wonderful, ...

... spring revitalizes and sharpens the senses as a matter of course: the first warming rays of sunshine are guaranteed to touch the soul - and your skin too. However, your skin is still a little shy: after long winter days, it often looks pale, dull, dehydrated and stressed. The contrast between reviving nature and skin health could not be greater.

The experience kick of CHANNOINE and NOBUSAN brings fresh elasticity and smoothness: the skin reacts and regenerates. Just how "exciting" skin care tailored to the skin type can be quickly becomes apparent after thorough cleansing: Tightened, gently freed from irritation, the skin is perfectly prepared for special care products.

The most valuable ingredients revitalize the skin, bring it out of its "cold sleep" and make it fit for the needs of spring. Gentle sun protection from CHANNOINE also helps the skin to get used to the increasingly intense UV rays: Season-appropriate skin care is an absolute must, especially now.

The fact that CHANNOINE seasonal skincare is systematically tailored to individual skin needs has proven its worth many times over. Individual beauty made easy.


Time to shine
your skin appearance in Spring


Fresh knowledge for
the well-groomed skin up to 30

When spring awakens, younger skin also longs for new vitality. Over the winter months, the cold and heating air deplete the skin's moisture reserves, leaving it looking irritated, blemished and dull. Gentle deep cleansing alone allows the most valuable vital substances to work their way into the deeper layers of the skin for a more youthful radiance. Special serums provide intensive moisture, maintain radiance and optimize the skin's firmness. Sun protection is also essential now - the spring sun can severely irritate the skin and accelerate the ageing process.

Proven care concepts from CHANNOINE protect and revitalize the complexion at any age. CHANNOINE unfolds the full beauty potential of your skin!

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The skin in the annual cycle

Why is it important to be in harmony with nature?

Because every season has a different effect on the skin. In most cases, it is only subtle differences that really "revive" the skin. You can feel how "exciting" skin care can be with every single CHANNOINE product. The highest quality ingredients pamper your skin every single day of the year and have a targeted effect against the stresses and strains of each season.

CHANNOINE, because quality is no coincidence, but the result of passion!


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