Generation 55+

In old age, the future is often bedded on ROSES: ArthROSE, FibROSE, NeuROSE, OsteopoROSE, GürtelROSE

NOBUSAN is your first choice for a vital, lively second half of life.

Healthy and vital in the second half of your life - with NOBUSAN at your side

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More quality of life
in old age

It's good to know that you can enjoy your second stage of life all the more if your body is supplied with all the essential vital substances it needs as you get older!

NOBUSAN-Nutrition has developed preparations especially for more vitality from the age of 55+, which are uniquely vitality-promoting in their composition.


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Because vitality in old age
is no coincidence

Beyond the age of 55, some processes in the body are slower (e.g. cell renewal, metabolism, recovery) and others faster (cell ageing, forgetting, fatigue, etc.). In order to cope with these changed conditions, a sufficient supply of vital substances is essential. Choose the special preparations from the NOBUSAN-Nutrition range that are exactly right for your life situation.

Invitation: In the VITAPROOF Vital Lounge, we have compiled numerous tips and suggestions for a high level of vitality in old age under the heading "Generation 55+". Just click in!

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Valuable for the 55+ generation

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Effective health and vitality prevention and the desire for a better quality of life in old age are becoming increasingly important. NOBUSAN vitality supplements have great potential to provide long-term and sustainable support for healthy agers.

NOBUSAN-Nutrition - because the best is yet to come.

Vital down to the
smallest cell

For a better quality of life in old age! NOBUSAN vitality supplements for the 55+ generation can support cell regeneration, optimize metabolism and cognitive functions and contribute to a healthy and active life.

NOBUSAN for your active lifestyle and for a robust immune system into old age!

NOBUSAN has what you need right now

Menopause for women - and men? Yes, men are also affected by the menopause, with symptoms such as hot flushes, weight gain, mood swings and hair loss.

At NOBUSAN-Nutrition you will find vital preparations that are precisely tailored to the symptoms of the menopause.

For HER and for HIM!

The best
is yet to come

We can't stop or turn back time either. Sooner or later, the body will feel the signs of time. Sounds scary? But it doesn't have to be, because we can counteract some age-related processes, such as an insufficient supply of nutrients, which has a decisive influence on ageing. NOBUSAN vitality supplements can reliably compensate for all types of nutrient deficiencies and contribute to an all-round fulfilling life.

Fit and agile in old age. NOBUSAN is your key to an optimized quality of life.


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