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The CHANNOINE system care concept

Thanks to CHANNOINE's special system care concept, the effect profiles of the individual products potentiate each other with the aim of achieving the best possible skin care results for you. You will be thrilled!

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Air pollution, UV rays, cold, air-conditioned indoor air and damaging blue light all take their toll on the skin and promote premature ageing. The skin, including your skin, needs powerful beauty care that provides it with everything it needs for its daily regeneration processes and for a rejuvenated, attractive appearance. Effective skin care should be like a rich buffet of active ingredients for the cellular matrix, providing the skin with everything it needs around the clock for a radiant, youthful complexion.

In CHANNOINE's system care concept, which has been tried and tested for over 40 years, each individual product is integrated in a special way into the individual, natural skin metabolism, supports cell regeneration and protects the skin from all damaging environmental influences.


What steps are recommended

Remove your eye make-up thoroughly:

What your remover needs to do: maximum cleansing power, uncompromisingly gentle and caring at the same time

Eye make-up must always be removed in the evening - even if it is just mascara. The particularly fine and sensitive skin around the eyes requires particularly powerful special care that removes make-up uncompromisingly gently but also thoroughly and with maximum skin care.

The valuable 2-phase remover from CHANNOINE meets the highest demands placed on a modern remover formula.  Intensive cleansing performance, gentle application and maximum skin care.


Important when removing eye make-up!


The first step of the evening make-up removal ritual should always start with the eye area. Soak a pad with your CHANNOINE remover and place it on the closed eyelid for 10 seconds so that the eye make-up can come off easily. Then use the pad to gently stroke the upper eyelid from the inside out or from top to bottom and the lower eyelid from the outside in.


With this make-up removal technique, you virtually make a circle in the direction in which the eyebrow grows, emphasizing the natural lymph flow.

Also use your second hand to hold the skin on the cheekbone in place to avoid pulling the delicate, sensitive skin around the eyes.


Repeat the cleaning process on the second eye. Avoid rubbing the eye area during the cleansing step.

The extremely sensitive eye area has hardly any sebaceous glands and collagen fibers and can only store a limited amount of moisture. Excessive mechanical impact would put too much strain on the delicate eye area.


The exquisite cosmetic ingredients in your CHANNOINE Remover cleanse gently and thoroughly and pamper the delicate eye area with skin-caring additives during the cleansing step. You can feel the soft skin feeling that your CHANNOINE Remover creates. That's all you can offer your eye area when removing make-up. Finish the cleansing step in the eye area by rinsing or showering off.


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Tips that should be taken into account for skin care

Beauty care without CHANNOINE is possible ... but pointless!

Regardless of age, thorough, deep-pore cleansing is always the basis for radiant, well-groomed skin. Anyone who has ever failed to remove foundation thoroughly knows the effect: the skin is dry and irritated the next morning. Persistently inadequate facial cleansing can result in blemishes, blackheads and pimples.

However, not all cleansing is the same. It all depends on the quality. CHANNOINE cleansers meet all the requirements of a gentle yet powerful cleanser that removes all deposits, excretions, cell substances and excess lipids. CHANNOINE cleansing products are also designed with high-quality care additives that ideally complement the active ingredient profile of the subsequent care steps.

After the cleansing step, thoroughly rinse off any cleanser residue remaining on the skin with lukewarm water and tone the skin. In addition to their toning properties, CHANNOINE tonics and lotions have an unusually high profile of nourishing, skin refining and regenerating substances.

The same attention that facial skin rightly deserves is also enjoyed by body skin. Daily body hygiene and care influences general health and personal well-being. In the CHANNOINE Skin Emotion product line you will find everything your body skin needs for a harmonious balance and for a natural moisture and lipid content.


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