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It is generally known that the intake of certain vital substances increases athletic fitness. In recent years, however, research has made many groundbreaking discoveries that NOBUSAN-Nutrition has used directly for special sports supplements. NOBUSAN specialty supplements not only contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but also performance-enhancing plant extracts and valuable amino acid profiles. Naturally without doping risk, like every product from NOBUSAN-Nutrition. Simply choose the vital substance power that suits you best.

Fitness, sports and vitality

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Vital substance tips for hobby, endurance, strength and top-class sport

Vital substance depots in hobby sports

Is sport important to you in your free time in order to stay or get fit? Then don't trust the old popular belief that so-called "iso drinks" or effervescent tablets can give your body back what it loses when you sweat! On the contrary, such drinks usually contain a lot of sugar and/or caffeine to simulate a temporary feeling of alertness. It's better to have fruit or a good muesli bar before exercise and, of course, plenty of water. Everything else you need is waiting for you at NOBUSAN.

Vital substance deficiency in endurance sports

In endurance sports, vital substance deficiency symptoms are not far away. The long periods of exertion draw significantly more reserves from muscles and tissue than a weekly jog, for example. Therefore, supplement your (hopefully healthy and varied!) diet daily with the Vital Power supplements from NOBUSAN-Nutrition.

Our special amino acid supplement COROPTYN is essential for improving performance and healthy regeneration. Your muscles are already waiting for it!

Vital substance supplementation in weight training

As the name suggests, weight training builds strength - but it also consumes energy. In addition to calorie intake, a performance-related intake of vital substances is therefore essential. After all, muscles can only grow and function perfectly if they are optimally supplied with nutrients. At the top of the list of muscle fitters are certain amino acids, which are available in high doses from NOBUSAN-Nutrition in the special preparation COROPTYN.

For daily supplementation of vital substances, you will find other vital substance supplements at NOBUSAN-Nutrition.

Minerals & amino acids for top-class sport

Competitive athletes need a different supply of vital substances than amateur athletes. The need for amino acids in particular increases enormously as a result of training that constantly pushes the body to its limits. In addition to the minerals lost through sweating and the like (especially magnesium and potassium), growing muscle mass also needs complex amino acids in order to remain healthy and efficient.

COROPTYN, a very special preparation, was developed precisely for this target group: Competitive athletes cover their increased need for other vital substances with additional vital preparations from NOBUSAN-Nutrition.

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NOBUSAN Nutrition for Fitness, sports and regeneration

Vital optimization for
sport and physical stress

Vitality supplements from NOBUSAN-Nutrition are always designed for a wide variety of sports and activities.

Whether endurance sports such as jogging or cycling, weight training, team sports or other activities - NOBUSAN-Nutrition always has the right vitality booster for you.

Optimized vitality for sport and fitness

Vitality supplements from NOBUSAN-Nutrition not only contain essential vitamin profiles, minerals and trace elements, but also high-quality and performance-enhancing amino acids.

Valuable for optimizing physical and mental performance and for improved regeneration phases.

and safe

NOBUSAN products meet all quality standards, are safe in every respect and are naturally doping-free.

Athletes can be sure at all times that they can entrust their fitness and vitality to NOBUSAN in an ethical and safe manner.

Performance and

Whether it's endurance training, muscle building, weight loss or simply a general improvement in fitness - NOBUSAN-Nutrition always has the ideal vitality supplements to help you achieve your individual fitness goals.

NOBUSAN-Nutrition always has the ideal vitality supplements to help you achieve your individual fitness goals.


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