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CHANNOINE's company history


This is how we became what we are

The 1980s
The Start

While Katarina Witt wins Olympic figure skating gold and seat belts are made compulsory in Germany, CHANNOINE is eagerly awaiting a premiere of a different kind: After 7 years of research and development, the new subsidiary founded by CHANNOINE Schweiz AG in Salzburg in 1984 launches a very special high-end cosmetic care product. The close cooperation with dermatologists, biologists and pharmacists results in a luxurious system care that is suitable for all skin types and is unparalleled in terms of quality and density of active ingredients.

In the years that followed, decorative cosmetics and exclusive perfumes were added, as well as a new skincare line with revolutionary liposome technology. Customers are delighted!

The first years

In Österreich und der Schweiz steigt die Nachfrage nach CHANNOINE-Produkten so stark, dass bis 1986 bereits mehrere tausend Vertriebspartner das einmalige Home-Konzept für ihre berufliche Selbstverwirklichung nutzen. Hunderte Fahrzeuge im typisch edlen CHANNOINE-Look befahren die Straßen und verbreiten die Bekanntheit der Marke.

1988 werden die Kundenstimmen aus Deutschland so unüberhörbar, dass auch dort eine Dependance eröffnet wird. Endlich können auch deutsche Kundinnen und Kunden von der typisch hochklassigen Beratungskompetenz der CHANNOINE-Partner profitieren und die Produkte ohne Umwege schnell und direkt beziehen.

Und während 1989 endlich auch der letzte Schweizer Kanton (Halbkanton Appenzell) den Frauen das Wahlrecht zuspricht, emanzipiert CHANNOINE das Recht auf exquisite Männer-Pflege – mit der Kosmetikserie CHANNOINE Man in typisch rasantem schwarz-rotem Design.

The 1990s

When everyone in Germany was finally allowed to breathe the air of freedom after the fall of the Berlin Wall, new irresistible fragrance creations enriched the CHANNOINE perfume range.

In 1991, over 1,200 representatives and sales partners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland celebrate the company's enormous business successes. The headquarters of the parent company are relocated to the Principality of Liechtenstein. One year later, a state-of-the-art new logistics and training center is built in Salzburg in order to be able to respond even more efficiently to customer inquiries. The opening in 1994 is the reason for a glittering gala - after all, there is now enough space for a relaxed and competent seminar system, optimally coordinated administration and efficient order processing under one roof on over 7000 square meters.

More new products at CHANNOINE

In the mid-nineties, new "decorative" colors, additional fragrances, even more innovative facial care products and the sporty, modern Blue Planet men's care range enter the CHANNOINE arena.

In 1999, CHANNOINE styled Miss Austria to the title with its fascinating make-up.

The 2000s
A firework of product innovations

CHANNOINE is celebrating the millennium with a veritable firework display of product innovations. A care line for youthful skin is added to the portfolio, as is LaMer, a series based on luxury marine raw materials.

In 2000, new make-up colors once again emphasize the advantages of Miss Austria, who continues to trust CHANNOINE as her cosmetics partner for good reason.

NOBUSAN Nutrition

The era of NOBUSAN, CHANNOINE's vital substance division, began in 2001. With the participation of renowned international nutritional physicians, years of research have resulted in type-specific special preparations that promote lifelong well-being from within.

These products are also offered by highly qualified consultants; this is the only way to meet the special demands of CHANNOINE's person-to-person philosophy.

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20 years of CHANNOINE

The "20 years of CHANNOINE" anniversary gala in 2004 is all about further development.

From the finest system cosmetics and high-end hair care to beguiling perfume and make-up creations, the range of new products is immediately and enthusiastically received by the international target group.

The crowning glory: CHANNOINE "Crème Beauté", an anti-ageing skincare product of almost infinite luxury and effectiveness in a fascinatingly opulent gold-and-crystal jar.


In 2008, CHANNOINE organizes a highly acclaimed model casting in which over 2000 participants face the public via online voting. From all these beautiful women, a top-class jury selects one winner in each of 3 age categories, who can look forward to a modeling contract with the renowned Munich agency PS-Models.

25 years of CHANNOINE

Time flies! 2009 marks 25 years of CHANNOINE, whose success is celebrated by over 2200 of the company's partners at an unforgettable anniversary gala. Once again, CHANNOINE's product innovators have done a great job, the results of which will be presented at the gala in the form of new skincare products.

The 2010s
The new CHANNOINE Headquarter

When the recently launched Google Street View geography digitization project turns its gaze towards Vaduz (Liechtenstein), it has been able to capture a real architectural eye-catcher in pixels since 2010: CHANNOINE has opened the doors of its new administration building in the style of its exclusive, innovative flacon designs after a two-year construction period.

"Exceptional corporate strategies deserve an exceptional backdrop" is the motto - and this is exactly how it works in the light-flooded, sophisticated and architecturally unique cubic complex. It's not for nothing that its façade of countless glass facets is immediately reminiscent of diamonds!



CHANNOINE's future path is also crystal clear: even more research, even more investment in customer service, an even broader range of products and health services. The globally unique VITAPROOF health portal is a start that promises great things to come.

Visit us there, subscribe to the newsletter and join us on our further journey!


Website, Beauty & Health-Letter and Onlineshop NEW

At the start of 2016, CHANNOINE fundamentally modernized its entire web presence at www.channoine.com with a focus on greater customer proximity and service. New innovative tools were added, such as a web-based skin analysis, an informative newsletter and an attractive online store. 

In keeping with the motto "inner and outer beauty", the new website has brought the two inseparable service areas of beauty and skin health as well as health and vitality care closer together. This means that we can now offer our customers and sales partners convenient, service-oriented online support.


NOBUSAN Skindream - the anti-ageing beauty treatment for at home

With a truly magical and spectacular product innovation, CHANNOINE is launching a sensational 12-week anti-ageing beauty treatment for the home.

The new SKINDREAM beauty elixir from NOBUSAN Nutrition not only supplies the body with the most valuable, drinkable hyaluronic acid and collagen, but also a holistic abundance of skin-effective anti-aging building blocks to optimize the skin's moisture retention capacity and contour firmness. 

In the interests of our customers, CHANNOINE was once again a decisive step ahead of the market with SKINDREAM.

To the anti-aging beauty treatment
ccc vegan formulation

CHANNOINE goes vegan - CCC Cosmetic Culture Vegan Formulation

At the end of the decade, CHANNOINE achieves "a big hit" and the skin care collections are given a new system beauty care line, especially for all people who live a vegan lifestyle.


  • 100 percent vegan
  • 100 percent high-potential
  • 100 percent premium

Our researchers and developers have uncompromisingly combined the finest and most effective skincare additives known to the cosmetics world in the new skincare collection. 

Ultimate anti-ageing potential, unsurpassed deep moisturization, special anti-pollution fine dust protection, UVA/UVB and blue light protection ... and, and, and.

See for yourself and experience "up close" what beauty care can achieve.

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The 2020s
Innovative NOBUSAN Neuheiten

We are starting the new decade with NOBUSAN innovations that will be effective companions in vital prevention, stress management and anti-ageing care for many of those affected.

With REPUSAN, we have developed a vital substance supplement elixir that can help people suffering from stress to fall asleep and sleep more restfully after an intensive day. Relaxed sleep and less stress!

And with SPERMIDIN Basic Supplement, another product highlight has been formulated based on the latest orhomolecular findings with a high-dose spermidine concentration and additional vital components that can make an essential contribution to optimizing the vitality of every single cell in the body. Comprehensive cell protection and pure vital ageing!

NOBUSAN Nutrition Vital substances

Parishee MAN
A new skincare dimension for the man of today

The saying "good things take time" is well known.

This applies precisely to our new system care collection for men. It has taken some time for CHANNOINE to obtain the latest high-end active ingredients and formulate a new, innovative skincare dimension for men.

Now it is finally here with "Parishee MAN". After-shaving balm, body & hair wash, facial care, body care, antiperspirant, hand mousse and a seductive eau de parfum - attractive and masculine - created for the modern, self-confident man of today.

Try it out now!

To the Parishee-MAN Collection

The new CHANNOINE website

"Time doesn't stand still at CHANNOINE either": Alongside ongoing CHANNOINE product development, the pace of global digitalization is also accelerating and requires corresponding attention. 

To ensure that we remain up-to-date for our customers in the "world wide web", we have completely relaunched the CHANNOINE web portal and will launch www.channoine.com in January 2024 with a new look. All our tried-and-tested features, such as the service-oriented online skin image analysis or the flexible web store and the information areas have been modernized and are now even clearer and more up-to-date. 

At the same time as the web relaunch, our BEAUTY POINT partners were also given a new, updated website.