Not for everyone, only for men

Parishee Man
parishee man

Cool care,
strong appearance

Skin and body care has long since ...

...  arrived in the consciousness of modern men. Today, men see skincare as an opportunity to redefine their masculinity and show their attractiveness from the "soft" side.

What beauty is for women, vitality is for men, emphasizing their self-confidence and highlighting their personality.

The perfect care for every man


Why Parishee Men`s Care?

Deep-acting cell protection

Highly active regeneration complexes, valuable deep moisturizing factors, biologically processed antioxidants and special phytocomponents supply the skin's own matrix, which is responsible for cell structure and deep moisturizing, with all essential nutrients.

PARISHEE for an attractively groomed and refreshed male complexion with a reduced wrinkle index.

Active energy with natural power

PARISHEE is a unique man care line based on the power of phytocosmetic active ingredients in pure form. During the development of PARISHEE, each individual active ingredient was subjected to a series of in-depth tests and checked for synergetic effects.

The result is a cosmetic product in which the individual active ingredients potentiate each other and enhance each other's overall effect.

Men's skin is different

Men's skin is different to women's skin. It differs in structure and function and therefore has its own care requirements.

Men's skin is thicker, has more sebaceous glands and surface lipids, lower transepidermal water loss values and a lower pH value. Men's skin therefore also has its own care requirements and benefits from specially tailored PARISHEE care, which keeps the skin healthy and in top condition.

Man do you smell good

Today's well-groomed man naturally also needs a masculine fragrance that defines his personality. 

PARISHEE Private Blend Eau de Parfum is the interpretation of modern masculinity. The fragrance is expressive and at the same time exudes a sensual sense of security. Elegance meets harmony in a composition created from spicy accords and masculine essences.


Because skincare is also a man's business.

The list of ingredients in the PARISHEE Man skincare line reads like something from a luxury boutique: Triple Hyaluron Complex - Taurine - Sorbitol - Betaine - Vitamin E - Panthenol - Allantoin - Bisabolol - Aloe Vera Complex - Almond Protein - Guarana Extract - Almond Oil - Jojoba Oil - Shea Butter - Ion Moist Complex & Co. have been formulated into a high-class skincare product - not for everyone, only for men.

PARISHEE Man makes shaving, showering, grooming and refreshing an all-round wellness experience "from a single source".

PARISHEE Man provides the skin with everything "man" needs in just a few care steps to make the skin look well cared for, fresh and firm.


The "PARISHEE" series is awesome. It smells cool and the aftershave balm prevents those red pimples that used to annoy me after shaving. And the skin care lotion is also totally pleasant, not so greasy and absorbs quickly.

Mathias G., 39 years old

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Type-appropriate men's care

The well-groomed man

Today's modern man likes to be a gentleman again. Fortunately for the ladies, he is once again attaching importance to a well-groomed, attractive appearance, and you can see that skincare is a fixed part of HIM's daily care ritual.

PARISHEE, quality that convinces - with high-quality formulas that deeply moisturize, protect, smooth, refresh and sustainably optimize the skin's appearance.

A feast for the skin

Made by CHANNOINE not only stands for skin care with excellent high-class components, but above all for a spectrum of effects that uses the latest findings in skin physiology to protect "men" from the signs of premature skin ageing.

With PARISHEE, men's skin gets back the energy that is taken away from it day after day by stress and environmental pollution.

PARISHEE is unique -
like yourself

Men want to appear strong, protective, vital, dynamic, likeable, fit and healthy and be perceived as such - and not just by the ladies.

PARISHEE not only has an effect on the skin, but also on male self-confidence.

Once you have recognized the potential of Parishee, you will no longer want to do without your attractiveness enhancers.

Attractiveness meets vitality

Men's skin is also a miracle of nature: it is the most sensitive point of contact with the environment, a visible indicator of our well-being and the first sign of our age. PARISHEE is your must-have for external skin care.

However, the skin is also always a mirror of our general health status. NOBUSAN-Nutrition also has everything you need for nutritional health prevention for an all-round supply of essential vital complexes for more vitality and youthful vitality.

PARISHEE & NOBUSAN Your dream duo for the lifestyle you've always wanted.