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CHANNOINE has always focused on combining the most valuable natural substances and high-tech active ingredients in the best possible way in every product concept and development. Traditional cosmetics research works hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology.

The fact that CHANNOINE products are of great value to our customers is demonstrated by more than a hundred thousand satisfied customers!

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By tradition

CHANNOINE products always undergo an elaborate development cycle.

Before each new launch, the lead active ingredient combinations are optimized for the highest possible efficacy spectrum in lengthy laboratory tests.

Only when the intensity of efficacy has been proven are the preparations additionally tested by epicutaneous tests to ensure that they are well tolerated

Beauty is
our passion

At CHANNOINE, too, the latest results of cosmetics research lead to new combinations of active ingredients and high-end skincare concepts.

As part of our ongoing product maintenance, existing "classics" are also constantly examined for optimization potential and, as far as possible, their efficacy profile is adapted to maximize the cosmetic benefits for CHANNOINE customers.


For more than 40 years, we have had in-depth expertise in the research and development of high-end cosmetic concepts. It is our mission to offer our consumers tailor-made cosmetic concepts that not only meet their individual needs, but exceed them wherever possible.

In doing so, we follow market developments, research new and sustainable approaches, analyze future trends and always think one step ahead of the times.

for over 40 years

We are not the biggest, but that is precisely our strength. We have been developing beauty systems and preparations for nutrition-related health and vitality deficiencies for over 40 years.

For over 40 years, we have also been cultivating personal, person-to-person relationships with our customers in order to be able to respond precisely to individual wishes and needs.

This and much more sets us apart from our competitors.