The best made even better

Special Supplements
Special Supplements

of the extra class

The perfect complement

The various CHANNOINE skincare lines are an outstanding basis for top-class beauty care. The care experience becomes even better than perfect when your favorite line is supplemented with the exclusive products from the SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS series!

Gentle peelings, rich vitality masks and hand lotions, highly concentrated anti-ageing elixirs, silky-soft eye and décolleté creams, special cosmetics for sensitive or oily skin types ... and the "gold standard" from CHANNOINE: CRÈME DE BEAUTÉ

Extra care Product overview

Special Supplements

Why CHANNOINE Special Supplements?

Because more
is better after all

This skincare line, which is also outstanding in the world of high-end cosmetics, sets new standards in active ingredient density and concentration.


The noblest
of the noble

The most exquisite active ingredients from all over the world have been combined to create unique special preparations in proven CHANNOINE quality.

Not cheap,
but good value

Nothing of real value can be cheap. However, by strictly avoiding extremely expensive print and TV advertising, CHANNOINE products can be offered at unusually low prices compared to other luxury brands.

Perfect synergy
for your skin

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS from CHANNOINE is the result of state-of-the-art cosmetic technology. Our products harmonize perfectly with other CHANNOINE beauty collections. No matter what skin type - SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS offers the perfect synergy for every skin.

Special Supplements

Extra care individually as required

The value profile of this exclusive high-end skin-optimizing collection was developed through intensive research into molecular biological DNA and cell immunity and the use of the latest cosmetic technologies. The performance potential of these products, designed for all skin types and all needs, seems almost unreal.

Unsurpassed in protecting the vital cell balance, the SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS line brings together all those extra products that complement your daily beauty care and make it an all-round perfect experience.

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTS products are suitable for all skin types and needs. Particularly in combination with the day and night care products of other CHANNOINE beauty lines, the effect profiles increase to create a system care of unique value.


Developed with the help of intensive research into molecular biological DNA and cell immunity and the use of state-of-the-art cosmetic technologies. The performance potential of these products, designed for all skin types and all needs, seems almost unreal.

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Do you really know what your skin needs?

Only if you know your skin properly can you take proper care of it. So take a few minutes to get to know your skin properly with the CHANNOINE online skin analysis.

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To make sure your skin is in good hands, you can book a personal consultation with a CHANNOINE beauty specialist near you at any time. After a thorough analysis of your skin type, she will provide you with exactly the right product and skincare recommendations. Free of charge, of course!

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"I have been a CHANNOINE customer for 8 years. Thanks to the regular appointments, I have always been able to optimize my facial care and now, at 53, I still have very young-looking skin. Great products, great service!"

Alma P., 53 years old

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