Everything that is good

CHANNOINE makes no compromises when selecting the valuable ingredients. For us and our customers, not only must the quality meet the highest standards, the active ingredients must also complement and potentiate each other perfectly.

It is the synergetic effects that make every CHANNOINE care product and every NOBUSAN vitality preparation so special.


The plant-based stem cell technology

Why plant-based stem cells ?

Plant stem cells are used in some CHANNOINE beauty products, as numerous damaging influences weaken the vitality and ability of our cells to divide, which can lead to reduced skin health and faster skin ageing.

The use of stem cells enables healthy and natural regeneration of the skin.

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic skin ageing

The statement that skin ageing cannot be stopped only applies to genetically pre-programmed (intrinsic) ageing. Extrinsic skin ageing is caused by negative influences such as UV radiation, nicotine and alcohol abuse, an unhealthy diet or inadequate skin care. High-quality plant stem cells in anti-ageing skincare formulations have a targeted effect against such external influences.

The principle of plant stem cells

Alte Pflanzensorten haben ein starkes Selbstheilungspotenzial, da sie widrigsten Bedingungen über Jahrtausende widerstanden haben.

Bei Verletzungen bilden sie ein Heilgewebe (Kallus) mit wertvollen sekundären Pflanzenstoffen und hoher Regenerationsfähigkeit.


Stem cells from callus tissue are optimally compatible with human skin cells and promote their renewal and protection against damaging UV rays and oxidative stress.

The extraction process requires only a small amount of plant matter and takes into account CHANNOINE's sustainability philosophy by conserving resources and ecosystems.


Plant stem cells and CHANNOINE

This high-quality complex is based on the stem cells of the old Gamay Teinturier Fréaux grape variety from Burgundy. Winegrowers value this fruit for its amazing UV resistance - and CHANNOINE makes use of it in the form of a phyto-stem cell extract to reliably protect epidermal skin stem cells from UV stress and light-induced skin ageing!

Result: Increased cell vitality and resistance, preservation of cell division capacity and thus delaying the skin ageing process. For a radiant, fresh skin appearance at any age!

The active ingredient is based on stem cells from the argan tree (Argania Spinosa), one of the world's oldest tree species. The argan tree has adapted to the extremely dry conditions of its habitat in Morocco and Algeria over a period of around 80 million years.

In CHANNOINE products, the stem cell extract from this impressive living organism stimulates the skin cells in the middle layer of the skin (dermis) to store moisture, produce elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen and to divide more quickly - i.e. to regenerate. In vitro tests prove the positive effect of the complex on the vitality and increased longevity of skin stem cells. Result: significantly reduced wrinkle depth, more elasticity and a fresher skin appearance!

„Resistem™, a special kind of anti-ageing complex, brings the full power of the stem cells of the globularia cordifolia to CHANNOINE products. In vivo studies prove the extract's outstanding irritation-reducing potential.

By mobilizing the skin's own regeneration system, activating cell detoxification and tissue anti-glycation and optimizing cell lifespan, redness is reduced and the skin texture becomes smoother. A blessing for stressed, allergy-stricken and irritated skin!

With the valuable, highly active CHANNOINE hyaluronic acid profile, you are always on the safe side when it comes to hydration! If you consider that a single gram of this substance can bind a whole 6 liters (!) of water, hyaluronic acid is clearly one of the main factors for long-lasting firm, plump and well nourished skin.

Unfortunately, the amount of this ingenious internal moisture reservoir in the skin rapidly decreases at a young age. The result: wrinkles, diminishing tissue firmness, impaired barrier layer, increasing skin sensitivity and a faster tendency to sunburn.

The concentrated triple hyaluronic acid profile in numerous CHANNOINE products quenches your skin's thirst and supplies it with a network of moisturizing molecules:

  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: does not penetrate the skin, but forms a protective film that increases the skin's defenses, moisturizes and delicately smoothes the skin's surface
  • Medium-molecular hyaluronic acid: increases hydration in deeper layers of the skin, activates the skin's own protective mechanisms and smoothes fine lines
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: has a high moisture-binding capacity, creates depots, activates the skin's own hyaluronic acid and collagen production and increases skin volume as well as elasticity and resilience

The Asian "immortality herb" enjoys a high reputation in TCM. It is considered to be cell-rejuvenating and intensively effective against oxidative stress. Only a healthy skin barrier can protect the skin from the penetration of germs, bacteria, allergens etc.

Years of external stress, however, are very hard on this natural defense zone and damage the barrier layer in the long term. This is where REFORCYL® comes in - even for mature skin. The complex regenerates the stressed skin barrier, activates epidermal lipids, sustainably increases skin moisture, activates the skin's metabolism and protects against free radicals. The result is visibly firmer tissue, more elasticity and a noticeably soothed skin appearance.

We all enjoy the colorful crocuses in the meadow in spring. But the colorful harbinger of spring can do much more than just look pretty: Its bulbs contain active ingredients that stimulate cell communication to peak performance! For example, they stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and growth factors, which promote rapid skin regeneration. The skin structure is visibly rejuvenated.

Various stress factors can disrupt the skin barrier and cause inflammation. As this in turn puts the skin under enormous stress, it ages more quickly (inflammatory ageing). Apart from this, dryness and skin irritation are also very unpleasant.

Defensil®Plus is a complex of blackcurrant oil, an extract of balloon wine and sunflower oil. It is highly effective in soothing irritation and dryness and also acts as a cell-protecting shield. The effect, which has been proven in studies, is immediately convincing - also for neurodermatitis, eczema and razor burn, for example!

Red, enlarged veins and brown pigment spots ("age spots") are two skin symptoms that nobody wants, but which often occur with increasing age. Many influences, not least free radicals, have weakened the skin's resistance to such an extent that it ages prematurely.

A plant duo from Asia, long known in TCM, is the basis of the Chromocare™ complex, which counteracts redness, dilated veins and hyperpigmentation, strengthens the collagen structure, delays collagen degradation and effectively protects the cells from oxidative stress.


Ingredients and methods of action


The special complex EPIDERMIST

Wrinkle-free, even, fine-pored and healthy is the ideal skin condition. The special EPIDERMIST complex is derived from plankton microorganisms and comes close to fulfilling this wish with its holistic "perfecting" effect.

Clinical studies have demonstrated cell-renewing, bacteria-inhibiting, skin-soothing, smoothing and pore-refining effects. In addition, regular use of the complex as part of skincare increased hyaluronic acid production and thus skin hydration measurably, resulting in a visible reduction in wrinkle depth.