Much more than just skin care

In the ingenious CHANNOINE system care concept, each product potentiates the effect of the others. The unique variety of precious active ingredients enables the unsurpassed overall CHANNOINE system care effect. Find out more about what is important!

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The CHANNOINE system care concept ... as ingenious as the "cogwheel principle"


The future of your skin is now

CHANNOINE system care: "Training" for the skin!

The revolutionary symbiosis of concentrated plant power and innovative cosmetic technology results in the unsurpassed CHANNOINE intensity of action.

Similar to sport, good system cosmetics train the cells of the skin on a daily basis.

Once the skin has found a healthy balance, extended system care is recommended... for even more amazing, even more lasting results.

Intelligent beauty care starts with cleansing!

Of course you are aware that sustainable beauty care always starts with a deep cleanse. But not all cleansing is the same. If a cleansing product contains too many aggressive substances and too few care additives, this can lead to skin-stressing reactions during the cleansing step.

CHANNOINE cleansers are always far more than just cleansing products. Highly active moisturizing additives and skin-caring complexes provide the skin with nourishing care components as early as the cleansing step and thus optimally prepare the skin for the subsequent care steps.

Lotion and tonic - unique and valuable

Remove calcareous water residues and pre-cleansing residues, refine pores, strengthen the skin's ecology and immune system, intensively moisturize and revitalize ...

The high-end formulations of CHANNOINE tonics and lotions do all this and more.

Treat yourself to this decisive skincare step and feel the difference!

Give your skin what it needs!

The skin is a bit like a mechanical system: if all the functions work together, the rest works too - the skin looks healthy and youthful. Unfortunately, this is also how any negligence or lack of care manifests itself; blemishes, dryness, wrinkles or irritation are the result.

CHANNOINE system care therefore combines intelligent products that give the skin everything it needs right now.

The Channoine system care concept

What makes the CHANNOINE skin care concept special


Because we take a holistic approach to beauty and skin health, every single CHANNOINE skin care product is directly involved in the skin's natural metabolism and supports the cell structure in its many regenerative tasks:

  • Elimination of metabolic products and deposits
  • Cell renewal and moisture optimization
  • Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin
  • Building a strong skin barrier against damaging environmental influences
  • As a standard service that has been tried and tested for decades, we offer our customers free individual skin condition analyses at regular intervals in preparation for system care that is appropriate for their current skin condition.

CHANNOINE skin analyses are offered at every CHANNOINE Beauty Point, or you can take a few minutes for a virtual skin analysis on our website.


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