Our Philosophie

What makes CHANNOINE
so special?

EVERYTHING!  Because we are different from everyone else!

Customer focus, top quality and no media advertising.


At CHANNOINE, the focus is on people.

Living Partnership

Our primary goal is to understand and meet the needs and requirements of our customers, employees and partners.

This corporate philosophy is based on the firm conviction that sustainable development is not possible without satisfied customers and committed employees.

The focus on actual needs

CHANNOINE develops only the highest quality high-end cosmetic and vital substance preparations that meet a clear, indication-related need of its customers.

This focus on actual needs enables the creation of outstanding products.

Person-to-person consultation

The personal person-to-person consultation underlines CHANNOINE's dedication to providing customers with the best possible support in their beauty and health care.

Optimize customer satisfaction

The ongoing development of existing recipes demonstrates the company's desire to continuously improve and optimize customer satisfaction.


CHANNOINE is quality-conscious and relies on exquisite raw materials from long-standing, trustworthy sources.

Use of the highest quality raw materials
Unsurpassed impact potential
Unique training concept
Certified sources
Quality awareness
High-level quality standard

Our Philosophy

authentic and fair

Fair prices and
no media advertising

No media advertising

CHANNOINE deliberately does not focus on cost-intensive media advertising. Instead, we believe that our products should speak for themselves through their quality and impact.

The money saved goes into our pricing to offer our customers unrivaled products at affordable prices.

Successful approach

The success of our approach is reflected in the pleasing sales figures and the large number of highly satisfied customers.

Our philosophy of dispensing with media advertising and converting the savings into fair prices has proven its worth.

Authenticity at the center of philosophy

The authenticity of CHANNOINE is at the heart of our philosophy.

We do not want to convince our customers with intrusive advertising, but with the unsurpassed quality and benefits of our products. This is reflected in our decision not to use media advertising.

Customer trust and customer satisfaction

Hundreds of thousands of customers trust CHANNOINE with their beauty and vitality care.

They know that our products speak for themselves and are based on a unique level of quality, which is reflected in their high level of satisfaction.