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Spring symbolizes a new beginning ...

... of all life and beckons with a lavish abundance of colors. Reason enough to bring your own attractiveness into line with your natural beauty. However, unlike nature, which has gathered fresh strength in winter, it is not at all easy for the skin to develop freely in spring. The cold season has left its visible traces: Burdened by irritation and deprivation, the skin looks sallow, dull and anything but youthful. Only a system care product that is tailored to your age and the time of year can now lure you out of this state.

We all know it: morning "traces of time" on the face cannot simply be wiped away or softened. New signs of time keep appearing. Tired facial features, deeper lines here and there, wrinkles above the upper lip, wrinkled lip skin, red veins, dry hands and feet and dark shadows under the eyes, which also indicate a loss of elasticity around the eyes, are clear signals: your skin now needs you and CHANNOINE to return to a harmonious, rejuvenated complexion.

Important: Only a perfect deep cleanse will revitalize the skin, restore new cellular energy and provide intensive moisture at the same time. CHANNOINE now reliably stimulates collagen synthesis and the regeneration of the protective water-fat barrier. Just like the mild but effective sun protection for the time outdoors. Especially the sensitive spring skin, the sensitive lip area and the usually completely unprotected and neglected hands are looking forward to the rich and effective care from CHANNOINE.

You only have this one skin. Pamper and care for it with the best the cosmetics world has to offer - with CHANNOINE!

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