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As moody as the weather can be in fall, your skin's demands are just as moody. A lack of light, cold outdoor air and warm, dry indoor air make the skin feel dehydrated and stressed. A look in the mirror shows it: the elasticity of the facial contours diminishes and the skin generally loses its attractiveness.

In addition, skin over 40 can no longer adapt so well to changing climatic conditions: It reacts with reduced collagen production, reduced protective lipids and reduced cell regeneration.

The following applies to the autumn season: only system care that is tailored to individual needs and the requirements of the season will prevent avoidable skin concerns.

An individual skin assessment is an important first step towards your desired skin appearance. CHANNOINE makes it easy for you to determine your skin type with the web-based skin type analysis. A few clicks will tell you what is currently best for your skin and for an attractive, visibly rejuvenated appearance.

Product Recommendations

Drop by drop perfect anti-ageing


Ampoules are uncompromisingly deeply effective - against all signs of the times:

Specially developed concentrates are the ultimate, a kind of elixir of life, for the epidermal network of skin cells, especially in the seasonal stress caused by cold, damp weather and dry heating air.

Even clear signs of skin ageing are alleviated, and when used consistently several times a year, the skin's appearance even appears sustainably and permanently rejuvenated.

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