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Youthful, radiant skin is rarely a gift of nature: it is the sum of individual radiance and competent care. Every season therefore requires individual skin care tailored to the climatic conditions. As moody as the climatic conditions of the cold season are, sometimes sunny, sometimes icy, so too are the demands of demanding skin. A look in the mirror shows it: new wrinkles, diminishing elasticity of the facial contours, areas of skin prone to dryness and redness caused by stress are just some of the signs of skincare deficits.

The stresses of the cold season in particular, with a lack of light and the constant change between icy cold air outside and dry, warm air inside, cause the skin to feel dry and brittle because the moisture reservoirs are depleted. In addition, demanding skin can no longer adapt so well to changing climatic conditions: it reacts stressed, reduces collagen production, loses protective lipids and cell regeneration is also significantly reduced. In short: the skin's vitality goes into rest mode.

The good news is that system care tailored to the season and individual skin needs, supplemented with special protective products, can optimize the skin's regeneration processes and prevent winter skin worries.

Also important: effective sun protection, especially in the mountains, and high-performance care for the particularly sensitive areas around the eyes and lips.

CHANNOINE protects and cares for all skin types throughout the winter months. Discover what CHANNOINE system care can do for you too.

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When used as a treatment, ampoules are considered a true miracle cure that can regenerate and reshape facial features:

A valuable high-performance anti-ageing complex supplemented with intensive moisturizers conjures up every sign of tiredness impressively from your skin.

CHANNOINE ampoules impress with a triple hyaluronic booster and valuable high-lift components that intensify cell communication and deeply regenerate the complexion.

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