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Spring symbolizes vitality:

Nature awakens from the cold winter months and the sun shines right into our hearts. After all the cold, dark winter months, the first warm rays of sunshine caress our skin. However, the skin's "springtime feeling" is often affected by stress at work, dietary mistakes, worries, insufficient or incorrect skincare products, nicotine, a distinct lack of fluids, but also by sitting in front of the computer for hours on end. When the first warming UV rays of the sun hit unprepared skin, irritation or even skin damage is not far away.

The skin starts to age from the age of 25. The contours become rougher and elasticity decreases. Incorrect, inadequate skin care becomes increasingly visible with the onset of spring. Lack of moisture, sagging connective tissue, enlarged pores with clogged pore openings and enlarged veins are the result.

A sallow complexion is the least of our worries; for skin up to 40, wrinkles in the neck, décolleté and eye area attract more attention, when we want to shine with fine, firm skin. However, such visible signs of aging no longer regulate themselves. The only thing that can help now is system care that is tailored to the skin's appearance, age and season in order to "strip away" the old skin and renew the skin's appearance as completely as possible. The CHANNOINE system care in the annual cycle lovingly cares for stressed facial and body skin, but also includes hands and feet in the overall care - for a noticeable freshness boost. Hands and feet that are not included in the care ritual are often dry, flaky and lacking in elasticity - simply "somehow" prematurely aged.

An attractive, vital complexion, a spring-fresh appearance, i.e. the desirable normal state, needs a tailor-made beauty plan! Deep cleansing, moisturizing and anti-aging complexes from CHANNOINE are the products of choice.

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The CHANNOINE pre-cleanser revives your skin's youthful radiance right from the cleansing step:

All top cleansing products are gentle and intensively nourishing, especially for sensitive skin.

Gel, soft foam or cream cleansers are among the best things you can do for your skin health and for a vital, rejuvenated complexion.

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