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Caresses for skin and soul

Sun, beach and sea: sounds nice, but is often stressful for the skin!

In the hot season, shorts, bikinis and short skirts reveal the skin's accumulated weaknesses from the winter: Cellulite, for example, but also wrinkles, deeper lines around the eyes, irritation and redness, often on the décolleté of all places, all of which are not desirable companions for beautiful summer days.

And sometimes the skin simply gives out. This is because the skin's own moisture reserves tend towards zero in summer due to wind, air conditioning, sport, long periods outdoors and sun exposure. The skin becomes tight and suffers from dehydration. If the skin is then exposed to the sun's harsh UV rays without protection and cosmetic care and sun protection are not adapted to the skin's needs, premature cell and skin ageing is not far away.

The summer sun puts a strain on all skin, including yours! The only way to keep it looking youthfully elastic is to use the anti-ageing expertise of top-class cosmetics. But what is top-class? Many cosmetics, including luxury cosmetics, define their value through just one key active ingredient. CHANNOINE, however, is different from all the others. The most valuable moisturizers, DNA protection systems and high-quality plant extracts in innovative textures provide all-round deep moisture and anti-aging prevention for a firm, radiantly young-looking complexion. CHANNOINE relies on system care properties in each individual product, in which the individual key active ingredients potentiate each other and increase the effectiveness profile. You can see it - the difference!

CHANNOINE takes a holistic approach to cosmetic care: where many body lotions, for example, only have a hydrating effect on the skin for a few minutes, CHANNOINE body, special and sun care products provide long-lasting protection with a high level of deep moisturization.

You are not far away from your dream skin: the CHANNOINE "fountain of youth" is already waiting for you.



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The luxury deep care with pure aloe vera natural juice in special preparations, sensitive eye care, high-end serums and masks gives your skin what it is waiting for:

CHANNOINE products are always created with the highest level of expertise and attention to detail in order to inspire CHANNOINE customers day after day with the effectiveness of the beauty products.

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