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Summer days and the longing for energizing sunshine magically lure us outdoors - and often tempt us to spend a carefree time in the glistening light. As much as we rightly enjoy the sun and see it as essential for life, the harmful effects of excessive UV radiation can quickly and intensively damage the skin. A look in the mirror then mercilessly reveals the consequences of too much careless sunbathing: new wrinkles appear, the skin's relief is stressed, uneven, dry and flaky. Quickly developed sun and vacation tans are quickly lost. Cellulite can leave visible traces despite walking and Pilates.

When fine lines and furrows appear on your décolleté, you quickly realize that your skin also needs CHANNOINE. However, hormonal changes, which can occur even in the fourth decade of life, as well as stress and a diet low in vital nutrients can also put additional strain on the skin. The entire skin of the body loses its elasticity, the skin suffers from heat, UV rays and dryness. Air conditioning, chlorinated pools and salty seawater exacerbate the negative effects.

The skin, especially in the "textile-free" zones, needs regenerative cosmetic care with intensively effective deep hydration.

Regular CHANNOINE system care can reduce long-term damage, regenerate stressed connective tissue and a deepened wrinkle relief and counteract hyperpigmentation of the skin.

And because a summer tan simply looks more attractive on perfectly hydrated and regenerated skin, CHANNOINE SUN-CARE products are always the finishing touch to revitalizing all-round care on sunny days.

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Ampoules are always an ideal way to prepare the skin for the cold season:

The skin gains - from ampoule to ampoule - new deep moisturization, vitality and elasticity.

High-performance active ingredient cocktails and DNA active components have a deeply revitalizing effect, leaving the skin looking noticeably refreshed and youthfully fresh.

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