Systemized beauty care

At CHANNOINE, we define systemized beauty care as using products

that perfectly match your skin type, with all products ideally complementing

each other for maximum effectiveness. Some you will use daily and others

only when your skin needs extra care. It’s as simple as that!  

Not just any cream will do

Systemized beauty care starts with a skin analysis to help determine which

products will work best for you. All CHANNOINE IN-VITA POINTS recommend

only products that optimally meet the needs of your particular skin type. 

Transparency builds trust

Because we use only the very finest ingredients to make our products,

we are happy to reveal the contents in detail: The INCI List tells you

what our skin care and beauty products are made of.

Amazingly effective thanks to highly concentrated ingredients

CHANNOINE products contain exquisite ingredients whose

effectiveness has been proven by thorough testing,

and in concentrations rarely found on the beauty market.

The reason is clear: outstanding results!

  • A visibly and tangibly improved complexion
  • Extremely pleasant and easy to apply products
  • Luxurious pampering at an affordable price