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Beauty is not a gift, but the sum of natural radiance and competent skin care. The human desire for beauty and a fresh appearance is not just a fad, it has been with us throughout the ages. After all, the appearance of our skin has a decisive influence on our self-esteem and self-perception.

When the joys of summer lure us outdoors, the skin needs additional protection and special protective and care factors adapted to the season to prevent skin ageing and maintain a fine, harmonious complexion. The basis of skin-rejuvenating and vitality-preserving measures is skin care that is appropriate for the season and effective protection against damaging UV rays.

Summer, sun, fun, but if the skin care does not match the season, early wrinkles, weaknesses in the connective tissue, dry skin areas and cell damage are not far away. The skin may be exposed to the sun unprotected for a few minutes a day, but this very limited period of time is quickly exceeded and the warning signal "reddening of the skin" indicates the onset of sunburn. Instead of the longed-for beautiful tan, irritated skin and dead cells flake off the skin.

An attractively tanned complexion always requires competent skin care and a mild yet powerful sunscreen. Fine, delicate skin in particular tends to redden and tighten quickly if it is inadequately prepared for sun exposure. Oily and combination skin tends to produce more sebum if the skin care is incorrect or inadequate, leading to the development of blemishes and underlays.

In general, the skin needs a lot of additional hydration in summer and only a reduced amount of oil. In winter it is exactly the opposite. CHANNOINE skin care throughout the year makes a decisive contribution to maintaining the youthfulness of the complexion into old age.

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