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Icy cold, harsh winds and dry heating air are unavoidable in the cold season. In cold weather, the sebaceous glands produce less oil and the oil that is present is also less well distributed. The overall lower lipid content puts a strain on the skin barrier, making the skin look drier and dull. As a result, these factors also promote transepidermal moisture loss and the skin loses its youthful elasticity and radiance.

But why does the skin react to changing temperatures? The cold season also brings changes to our skin. The symptoms are well known: Summer is over, it gets increasingly colder and suddenly the radiant summer skin is no longer so radiant; redness, a sallow complexion and dehydrated skin with a feeling of tightness appear. These are basically normal winter worries, but you can do something about them.

Pamper your skin with the unique winter system care from CHANNOINE. The active ingredients, which are perfectly tailored to the skin's needs in winter, activate the skin's own protective mechanisms, regenerate the cellular matrix and give the skin a visibly and noticeably youthful, refreshed appearance.

We cannot influence the climatic conditions of the cold season, but CHANNOINE care will get you through the seasons - even through the winter!

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The special textures of CHANNOINE ampoules strengthen, harmonize and regenerate the skin, especially during the cold season.

CHANNOINE's system care, which is perfectly coordinated with the individual care steps, can have a lasting anti-ageing effect, regenerate the skin and achieve a radiantly rejuvenated complexion.

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