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Sun, summer and long days are balm for the soul, but not always good for the skin. As soon as the first signs of fall appear - with cool winds and cold, damp phases - the skin suffers from the seasonal change. It is not uncommon for the skin to react with clogged pores and a calloused, noticeably dull skin surface. Summer skin has produced an excessive amount of sebum. In the fall, annoying blemishes often appear, especially on the forehead, nose and chin, i.e. in the so-called "T-zone". In addition, the skin's sluggish metabolism can also block the elimination of end products.

In particular, the skin's moisture reserves are rapidly depleted in the fall. Cold air outside - but even more so the warm air from the heating inside - draws a lot of water from the skin. Like a drying sponge, the skin can become more brittle and cracked.  

Dry, thin areas of skin, including the sensitive area around the eyes, where the skin is already stressed by the summer sun, increasingly lose protective lipids, i.e. valuable skin oils, during the cold season. The sensitive cheek area now often shows the first signs of the dreaded couperose, which can be caused by dilated veins. "Red cheeks" can be an early indication of this!

Conclusion: Autumn and winter also put a strain on young skin up to the age of 30. Only timely prevention and protection of the skin with high-quality care will preserve the youthful beauty and freshness of the complexion up to the age of 30!


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An ampoule treatment in the fall is a real fountain of youth for every complexion:

Highly active natural substances also stimulate the regeneration mechanisms in the deeper layers of the skin, promote detoxification and create a radiantly youthful complexion. The highly concentrated active complexes prevent the first expression lines, activate the skin's own moisture depots and smooth out the first fine lines.

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