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Just as many people find it difficult to adjust to the dark and cold season, the skin also suffers from a lack of light and the change between dry heating air indoors and the wet cold outside. The result: dry skin areas develop because more water evaporates from the horny layer than is replenished by the lower layers of the skin.

This is where the right skin care comes into play: Basically, the skin needs more lipid-rich care in winter than in warmer seasons. This is because as temperatures drop, the skin needs more lipid replenishing substances as sebum production is reduced with increasing cold.

The stresses of the cold season increase from day to day, especially for demanding skin types. And even in favourable seasonal conditions, mature skin needs more high-performance moisturizers and harmonizing lipids. If climatic irritants such as icy winds or intense sunlight in the mountains are added to this, structural damage to the skin is not far away. You can feel it: the skin's surface becomes increasingly dry and horny. The skin lacks elasticity because the skin's own lipid production is disrupted. The result: the retention of moisture and hydration in the skin tissue is also impaired.

It is not always easy to give a demanding, stressed complexion a new, significantly rejuvenated radiance - but it is possible!

It all starts with an analysis of your skin, which CHANNOINE offers free of charge around the clock on the web, to determine the exact protective and care components that can give your skin a new, visibly rejuvenated radiance. And in the end, with CHANNOINE system care, you can enjoy the regenerated complexion you have always wanted.

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