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Beauty does not have to be fleeting.

The cycle of the seasons and the stresses of "modern" lifestyles leave ever clearer traces that you can see and feel. The skin appears tired, dehydrated and out of balance. Icy winter air outside and dry heated air inside can easily lead to a state of emergency for the skin. Spending time in the snowy cold air and the intense winter sun in mountain regions can quickly make the skin look very old. Pigmentation spots also become more frequent and more pronounced: they make the face look uneven.

The neck and décolleté in particular, but also the eye area, show pronounced wrinkling.

Only reliable sun protection and system care tailored to the individual needs of the skin and to autumn can optimally filter and neutralize all the stresses of the season.

With CHANNOINE system care, you effectively support the skin's own cell strengthening and renewal and the skin's ability to bind moisture. Expect results that not only meet your expectations, but exceed them!


Product Recommendations

The CHANNOINE special preparations strengthen and care for the skin so that the radiance of the complexion is maintained.


Ampoules are the highly effective self-help aid for tired and stressed skin cells:

Specifically designed high-tech components in the highest concentration activate the energy of the cells like tiny turbo accelerators.

The skin's own repair mechanisms are revitalized from within, so to speak. The components release essential energy to the skin almost like small power stations and create new cell mobility.

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