Boost your body’s vital functions and fill nutritional gaps – whatever your stage in life!

NOBUSAN Nutrition products contain a broad range of premium ingredients, all closely monitored and certified for quality and safety!

Developed by leading nutritionists, our VITAPROOF nutrition analysis lets you conveniently evaluate the current status of your vitamin and mineral intake – online and anonymously!

NOBUSAN Nutrition empowers you to positively influence your own vitality and well-being – at any age!

All NOBUSAN products

  • Healthy vitality - enjoy a better life
  • Happy Aging and Anti-Aging: fit and vital every time in your life!
  • Regular and free of charge expert consultation: competence in every relevant nutrition question and much more!

Because you
are worth it

The body needs essential vitamins and minerals even more during periods of stress or low immunity, during pregnancy and especially during life’s later years. Whatever the situation, your vitality is in good hands with NOBUSAN.

Give your body
what it needs

Whether you do a lot of sports, suffer from an allergy or food intolerance, live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or are dieting, we have specialized, high-quality nutritional supplements available to help support your health and vitality in every life situation.

Highest-quality ingredients ensure safe products

NOBUSAN products contain only highest-quality ingredients, and our team of specialists continually monitors the composition of every supplement we sell.

The difference lies in the formula

Because most essential vitamins and minerals remain relatively ineffective in isolated form, the active ingredients in our products are always combined for maximum effectiveness based on the targeted use. This means we take into account how individual ingredients interact with each other, including their synergistic effects, and we embed the active ingredients in secondary plant substances to ensure the completeness of the vitamin and mineral profile.

Individual advice, optimal nutrition!

The VITAPROOF vitality status analysis

It’s easy to check the status of your nutrition and vitality with our VITAPROOF analysis (all it takes is a bit of your time). You will receive the results of your personalized analysis within a few hours by email.

Individualized product recommendations

After each detailed analysis of the state of your nutrition/vitality, you will receive product recommendations that match your precise current needs and life situation.

VITAPROOF nutrition analysis

Alternatively, the VITAPROOF nutrition analysis lets you more closely examine your dietary behavior. You will also receive these results promptly!